Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

Redditor Discovers Secret-But-Useless PS2 Function

It’s time to celebrate the PlayStation 2, as the iconic Sony console turned 20 this week. A lot of people had the PS2 – it is the greatest-selling console of all time. So that means social media was flooded with posts appreciating and reminiscing on the little black box. With so many people pointing out their favorite things about the PS2, there was bound to be some revelations. Such as what part of the console was best for hiding recreational drugs. Or that the PlayStation logo on the machine has a special function.

It twists.

Yes, that is the apparently mind-blowing discovery made by Redditor u/MetalW0lf, who shared a video of the twisting in action. In their post, they show a close-up gif of the tiny PlayStation logo on the PS2 disc tray. A hand is then seen rotating it.

As to what function this neat little rotation serves… it doesn’t really do anything. The intention seems to be to work in tandem with the PS2’s ability to stand lay horizontally or stand vertically. By twisting the logo, the user can ensure that it’s constantly in the right orientation. This allows them to always respect the mighty PlayStation brand by having the logo displayed properly, much in the way a country’s flag must always be handled proudly (except not really like that at all).

Despite its questionable amount of usefulness, the post garnered almost 50,000 upvotes on Reddit’s r/gaming community. It’s a mystery if that comes from genuine appreciation of the reveal, perfect timing with all the PS2 nostalgia going around, some combination of the two, or something else entirely.

Reactions to the post are mostly divided by those who knew of this function back in the day and those who are discovering it for the first time. Others point out that this function isn’t exclusive to the older, thicker PS2. The logo on the slim PS2 rotates as well. It even transcended generations to make an appearance on the PS3. Sadly, the PS4 ditched this feature as the logo is instead embedded in the console itself. But who knows? Maybe Sony is preparing to blow our minds once more. Who needs backwards compatibility or teraflops when the PS5 could have a rotating logo?

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