Tuesday, 29 Sep 2020

Red Dead Online New PC Update Removes Small Lobbies

Red Dead Online recently received a new update on PC that removes all of the small lobbies in the game, much to the disappointment of the community.

The news comes from the Red Dead Online Community Twitter page, which recently posted a tweet about the new update. You can check out the details below.

As you can see, the update is now live on the Rockstar Launcher, meaning that PC players looking to play Red Dead Online will have to install it prior to signing in. The tweet also notes that the update might not have been rolled out to consoles just yet, but will likely hit other platforms pretty soon.

This is the first Red Dead Online update since the Legendary Shadow Buck for Naturalists update from last week. However, the details of this patch — which, according to the Red Dead Online community page, is approximately 70-90MB depending on you launcher — aren’t the focus here.

Instead, the part of the update players are focusing on is that the small lobbies that have become so popular in Red Dead Online of late have reportedly been removed from the game.

For those unacquainted with this phenomenon, lobbies in Red Dead Online have been almost completely devoid of players recently. However, instead of becoming unenthused by this, players have started to revel in Red Dead Online’s empty lobbies, finding solace in the lonely MMO world.

It isn’t clear whether or not this was intentional, but it appears to have happened all the same. Let’s hope people can find another way to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet in between heists.

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