Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

PSVR Exclusive The Persistence Coming To PC VR Headsets Soon

The Persistence, one of our favorite PSVR exclusives, is exclusive no longer; it’s coming to PC VR headsets this summer.

The Persistence PC VR Is On

Developer Firesprite games announced the news today. The team is actually porting the original game to standard PS4s, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC to be played on flat screens. We reached out to confirm that the latter version would include support for VR headsets, though, and the developer confirmed that’s the case.

Official integration for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows VR headsets is confirmed, though the game only works with a standard gamepad so it should run inside a Valve Index without much hassle.

The Persistence is a first-person survival horror game with rougelike elements. Players are tasked with sneaking through a ship overrun with murderous monsters. The layout of the ship changes with each playthrough, making it unpredictable. Plus friends can use a companion app to either help the VR player survive or, if they’re feeling mean, subject them to even more scares.

We were very fond of the original version of the game, awarding it 8/10 upon release back in 2018. “The Persistence offers something fresh and engaging by mixing different genres that we don’t often see melded together so well,” David wrote at the time. “On a moment-to-moment basis the horrors lurking around every corner keep you on your toes and the give-and-take aspect of its roguelike nature ensures that no two runs are ever quite the same.”

Over on PSVR, fans that already own the game will get the flatscreen PS4 version for free, too. Alongside the digital release, Perp Games will also be releasing new physical versions of the title on consoles.

We’ll let you know more details about The Persistence’s PC VR release, including release date, as soon as we’ve got them.

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