Friday, 30 Oct 2020

PSA: Crusader Kings 3 Players Need To Tone It Way Down (And Then Some)

Paradox’s Crusader Kings 3 is a grand strategy game with an emphasis on grand. It allows players to take control of a ruler of their choice and set out to conquer the world. Many will choose to lead their kingdom to glory and riches through a series of wisely considered decisions while others will make different choices — very different choices.

Paradox has always loved to support those who like to take an unconventional route to victory and players’ stories are really showing us the weird side of the game. While we know that the seduction AI had to be dialed down during development, there is still plenty of craziness left, as these stories show.

Never Underestimate A Dark Legacy

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had an evil twin? Redditor Mackntish found out after their spouses kept being murdered while they were playing a twin female heir, causing chaos in their Kingdom.

Mackntish says they knew their twin brother was a womanizer but didn’t expect him to kill four of their husbands in eight years. When the evil twin was revealed as the culprit he showed no remorse, saying the murders were a gift and he’s in love with his sister. Creepy!

Complicated Relationships

Speaking of siblings in love, something that was common in the middle ages that’s often used to create unique relationships in the game is incest and inbreeding. In Crusader Kings 3 you can make disturbing choices in order to create bizarre-looking rulers and complex relationships. One Redditor even managed to gain a mother-wife, half-sister, and sister-in-law. Impressive.

However, incest isn’t the only way players have managed to transform their family dynamics. Redditor Barkend managed to get his brother to assist in his own murder plot.

After the scheme to murder their brother began, Barkend’s ruler found themselves forced to appoint their brother as a spymaster, meaning they were now directly involved in their own attempted execution.

Unsurprisingly Barkend says that “the murder attempt failed and he blackmailed me with the “murder attempt” secret.” However, there was some good news since the brother died just a year later so his expiry was only slightly delayed.

Naughty Pope Island

When leetsxela’s Pope tried to get rid of their ruler the solution was simple, send them to naughty pope island.

According to leetsxela the location of the island is “The canaries, west of Spain. Also, it puts him out of range of mercenaries so he can’t mercenary spam.” The process of doing this takes time since the Pope needs to be vassalized then granted a new title on the island before his old title is revoked. It’s sure worth it though, just for the satisfaction.

Crusader Kings 3, don’t ever change. We’re off to see if we can beat the weird relationship we found earlier and then inherit a global empire as a toddler.

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