Thursday, 5 Aug 2021

PS5 Pre-Orders Will Go Live Today, According To Retailer

Retail posters that have popped up in electronics stores in Europe and North Africa suggest PS5 pre-orders will go live later today.

Last week was a big one for Xbox. It kicked things off by revealing the long-rumored Series S is indeed real. A tiny alternative to the Series X that will cost just $299. Shortly after that, it continued its week of big news by also announcing the Series X will cost $499. Xbox head Phil Spencer has since admitted the leaks resulted in those reveals happening a week ahead of time.

As of right now, that hiccup has played in Xbox’s favor. The console tends to go onto these battles on the backfoot. However, the low price of the Series S and the price of Xbox Series X All Access likely has PlayStation die-hards reconsidering which console they will be playing their games on for the next half a decade.

This week, Sony needs to make that ground back up. It’s assumed that will happen tonight during the PS5 Showcase. PlayStation has remained tight-lipped on what exactly it plans to reveal tonight. Chances are it will include the price of the two versions of its next-gen consoles, and also its release date. However, retail posters in Europe and North Africa suggest that PS5 pre-orders will go live at some point during the showcase.

As reported by Frandroid, Fnac, a French chain of electronics stores, has put up signage claiming the PS5 will be available to preorder at some point today. As far as we know, customers are unable to pre-order the console from the retailer right now. It may have been employees jumping the gun, or perhaps even preparing for a potential rush later on once the pre-orders become available.

Whatever the reason for putting the posters up early, it makes sense that retailers would have the signage hidden away somewhere right now. Even if pre-orders don’t go live tonight, it’s almost certain that they will before the end of the month. There is one PS5 people can pre-order right now, the 24-karat gold version that costs £7999. Probably best to wait until the regular consoles are up for grabs.

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