Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

PS4 Free games: Last chance to enjoy this BRAND NEW game with PlayStation

PlayStation 4 owners, this is your last chance to trial a brand new game that's not going to officially relese until early 2020.

You might recall that some weeks back the developers at Team Ninja released a fairly robust demo for their next release, Nioh 2.

Well, all good things must come to an end, and from 10th November the RPG will no longer be available to download from the PlayStation Store.

That's tomorrow, Sunday 10th, for anyone who might have completely lost track of the date today.

Officially, Nioh 2 is set to launch 13th March, 2020, that's well over 4 months away, but for the next 24 hours (give or take) you can still jump into a demo/beta of the game to experience everything this new release has to offer.

For those who don't know, Nioh was an underrated PlayStation exclusive from Team Ninja – the brilliant minds behind the original masochistic action game hit, Ninja Gaiden.

Nioh came hot on the heels of Dark Sous III, and as you might imagine was a tough, action role-playing game that takes on the Souls formula and adds its own kind of special spice to it – in a much clearer narrative way.

Announced at E3 2018, Nioh 2 will expand upon the first game's success, albeit with a few small tweaks and changes. For instance there's a more extensive character customisation feature, new weapons (such as the Switchglaive, below), and so much more.

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Ultimately, whichever way you slice and dice it, here's the gist: Stop what you're doing and enjoy a full day playing (potentially) one of the best new games coming out in 2020.

If you're not convinced, might we perhaps suggest Elder Scrolls Online, which is also free to play on PS4, Xbox one and PC this weekend ?

Let's say we have peaked your interested so far, here's a bit more info to perhaps clinch it:

"As you begin the beta, you will enter into a place called the Interim. Unlike the dojo tutorial from the previous game, the Interim is a safe zone where you will be able to choose your weapons, test out the basic moves and transition to a real stage when you are ready.

"This place was designed and based on the Tibetan Buddhist concept of intermediate, a transitional state between life and death. I’m actually very fond of the environment we created which is modeled after the Sanzu river surrounded in tranquillity (similar to the river Styx from Greek mythology).

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"As you move on from the Interim, you will start your journey in a stage called Sunomata. This stage is based on the Sunomata castle which by some accounts was constructed in just one night by Hideyoshi. The experience will be an interpretation of historical actualities combined with a healthy injection of Yokai adventure!

"In addition, this new stage will treat you to an impressive environment covered in autumn maple leaves. In a similar fashion to the cherry blossoms stage (The Village of Cursed Blossoms), we had the great fortune of highlighting another stunning time of year within Japan’s four distinct seasons."

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