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Pokemon: How To Create The Perfect Water-Type Team

Having a team of purely one type of Pokemon can be fun, especially if you are a big fan of that type. Luckily, for those who love Water-types, there is a ton of good choices out there to build a great team.

When building the perfect Water-type team, there is a lot to consider from the best moves, the specific Pokemon you want on the team, the items they should hold, the abilities they have, and little details such as the Natures and IVs.

Good Water-Types To Have

Gyarados – Gyarados is a favorite of many competitive players, and it is for good reason. It is beloved for its Speed and Attack stats.

Kingdra – The combination of being Dragon and Water-type gives Kingdra a lot of offensive and defensive coverage to other types.

Starmie – Starmie is a good choice for its Speed and Special Attack, along with a diverse Special Attack move-pool.

Swampert – Being part Ground-type gives Swampert access to moves other Water-types do not normally have such as Earthquake and Stealth Rock. Unlike other Water-types, Swampert also is not weak to Electric-types.

Empoleon – Like Swampert, Emploeon’s part Steel-typing gives it a lot of unique advantages in battle. It has a great Defense and can use Stealth Rock.

Vaporeon – Vaporean has a ton of HP and makes for a great support Pokemon due to its ability to use moves like Wish, Protect, and Heal Bell.

Feraligatr – Good as an offensive attacker, Feraligatr can use Dragon Dance and/or Swords Dance. It also has access to solid moves like Earthquake, Aqua Jet, and Superpower

Milotic – Milotic is a good defender with its ability to learn healing moves like Recover and Refresh. It can also learn hard-hitting attacks like Ice Beam and Scald.

Cloyster – Cloyster can make a great team lead since it can set up Toxic Spikes and use Explosion.

Ludicolo – Its access to Grass-type moves make it stand out from many other Water-types. Ludicolo works great with Energy Ball, Ice Beam, and Giga Drain.

Jellicent – Being part Ghost-type gives Jellicent great moves like Hex, Shadow Ball, and Will-O-Wisp. It also can learn Recover.

Azumarill – Azumarill has access to Fairy-type moves and can become an incredible offensive attacker with the move Belly Drum.

Toxapex – An amazing defensive Pokemon, Toxapex can learn multiple recovery moves and can wear-down enemies with Poison-type attacks.

Qwilfish – Great for its Toxic Spikes. Like Toxapex, Qwilfish can wear down opponents with Poison-type moves.

Dracovish – Dracovish has become competitively precious for its move, Fishious Rend, which doubles in power if it hits first.

Moves You Will Want For A Water-type Team

When it comes to moves, there are a couple you will want to prioritize for a Water-based team. An entire team strategy can be built around just a couple of moves.

Rain Dance – This move boosts the power of Water-types. With a pure Water-type team, Rain Dance is a must-have.

Waterfall – Best used for Pokemon with high Attack Stats, this move is a good one because it has a 20 percent chance to cause the opponent to flinch.

Aqua Jet  – This move is great just based on the fact that it always goes first. It is basically a Quick Attack for Water-types.

Dragon Dance – Great move to boost both Attack and Speed. Certain Water-types can use it such as Gyarados, Kingdra, Lapras, Milotic, and Whiscash.

Surf – For Pokemon with high Special Attack, Surf has reliable accuracy and high power. Not just that, but it can hit two Pokemon if you are in a double battle.

Hydro Pump – Another Special Attack move, Hydro Pump has much higher power than Surf. Despite its 20 percent chance of missing its target, the raw power of Hydro Pump still makes this move worth it.

Substitute – When sticking to a single type in one team, you may have less coverage for other types such as Grass and Electric-types. Substitute can be a solid defense during such battles.

Toxic – A dependable move for any team. Toxic can be learned by Empoleon, Feraligatr, Gyarados, Jellicent, Ludicolo, and many others.

Rest – Always a great choice for defensive Pokemon. For a Water-type team, this can be a good move for Vaporeon, Gyarados, or Kingdra.

Roar – For a pure Water-type team, Roar allows Pokemon to push back opponents they are weak against in order to have more control of the battle. This move is best when combined with Stealth Rock and/or Toxic Spikes.

Recover – Like Rest, this move is good for health recovery. Recover can work well on a Jellicent, Starmie, and Toxapex.

Protect – This move can be learned by most Pokemon. Best when used on a defensive team member like Toxapex and/or Vaporeon.

Stealth Rock or Toxic Spikes – These moves are a must for competitive battles. Toxic Spikes is preferable as it chips away at enemies with poison status effects. These should be openers for battles and on the first Pokemon released.

Scald – A great move for its raw power as well as its chance to give enemies the Burn status affliction.

Calm Mind – Raises Special Attack and Special Defense. Should be used with Pokemon with these as their best stats.

Ice Beam – An attack to mow down one of Water-type’s greatest weaknesses, Grass-types.

Abilities To Look For

For a Water-type team, there are certain abilities that can get OP.

Water Absorb – Pokemon with this ability are not only immune to all Water-type attacks, but they are also healed by them. This is great for double battles, as you can use Surf to damage opponents and heal your other Pokemon on the field at the same time.

Swift Swim – With Rain Dance active, the speed of Pokemon with this ability is doubled. Pokemon that can have this ability include Ludicolo and Qwilfish.

Rain Dish – Another Rain Dance dependent ability. This one will heal the Pokemon by 1/6 of their HP for as long as Rain Dance is active.

Other Things To Consider

Pokemon, their moves, and abilities are not the only bits that make a perfect team. Items like Leftovers, Rocky Helmet, or a Life Orb can make a big difference in battle. There is also the Terrain extender for those that love Rain Dance.

Last but not least, consider breeding Pokemon for perfect IVs and Natures if you want to get a team that is as perfect as possible.

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