Thursday, 28 Sep 2023

PlayStation 5 Portable: New patent teases Sony Switch rival in the works

It looks like another patent regarding Sony's next generation of console tech has been uncovered, and this one is hinting at even more exciting features that could come to the companies next PlayStation 5 console.

This new patent, which has been applied for by PlayStation parent company Sony Interactive Entertainment, suggests that the PS5 might have a very exciting new type of controller that can be used away from the main console.

Once again, Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital seems to have unearthed some Sony files and has mocked up some images of the new controller.

Admittedly, the product could end up looking somewhat different, but the mock-up 3D renders help give us a better look at the product than say some rubbish sketches.

It seems this new tech will be a multifunctional game controller that can be used both at home when you're out and about – perhaps taking shots at the Switch and aiming to steal some of Nintendo's market share.

According to LetsGoDigital, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent for an 'Information output system and method' with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) back on July 24, 2019.

The publication of the patent took place four months later, on November 28, 2019 – hence why we're seeing it come to light now.

From the looks of the patent, it seems like the small rectangular pad will have a screen on it that will show you different menus depending on where you are.

If you're near your PlayStation 5, you'll get a certain menu. If you're using the device somewhere in its portable mode, you'll get a different one.

Apparently, the multifunctional controller has memory and can be connected via the internet or via Bluetooth to other devices (so that means it could pair with your laptop, your TV, your PC or a console).

Could this be a tactic for Sony to allow players to game on various devices using its streaming service, PS Now? It's likely.

The patent also suggests that the device will be able to detect the physical state of the player – tracking biometric data like the user's heartbeat.

This is something we've already seen suggested for next-gen tech in the DualShock 5 patent that leaked last month, so it's interesting to see this tech appear on a different device.

There's a lot of overlapped tech in both this product and the various pieces of info we've already seen and heard related to the PS4 and/or Dualshock 5 controller.

Just because this patent has been filed, it doesn't necessarily mean that the device is going to make it to retail – it could just be some research and development mockups from Sony.

The actual application and viability of this device is still unknown – and it's not been formally announced by Sony – but as players lament the end of the PS Vita, Sony's last handheld console, it might be nice to see something like this take its place.

Something that isn't necessarily a new product or system entirely (as the PS Vita was) but something that is more integrated with the wider PS5 ecosystem.

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