Thursday, 5 Aug 2021

Players Report Killjoy, Omen Bugs On New VALORANT Map Icebox

VALORANT players are reporting multiple bugs and exploits on Icebox, the game’s new snow-covered map. A Killjoy exploit previously seen on Split has shown up again on Icebox, as well as an Omen bug that lets you teleport under the map. The glitches are yet to be addressed by Riot Games, though we can likely expect them to be patched out soon.

The Killjoy exploit involves the agent’s Turrets being placed outside the map, where they can’t be taken down. By standing in a certain position on Icebox, players can place the Turret under the floor in B Kitchen. This makes the Turret extremely difficult to spot, and seemingly impossible to destroy. Enemy players can typically take down Killjoy’s Turrets with a couple of their own shots, but the machine is completely protected by surrounding walls when using this exploit.

A similar glitch was found on Split when Killjoy was first introduced to VALORANT earlier this year. The glitch allowed you to place the Turret under the map, though enemies were still able to destroy the machine by shooting at it. Killjoy’s Turrets are an especially powerful aspect of the game, allowing her to locate enemies and chip away at their health with a slew of bullets. As this bug is particularly game-breaking, we can only hope it will be fixed soon.

Another bug found on Icebox involves Omen’s ultimate ability – From the Shadows. Reddit user DeviBoy17 demonstrated the glitch on the VALORANT Subreddit, showing how to use Omen’s teleport ability to reach the small triangle-shaped area behind B Kitchen. This area is not actually accessible on the map, as it is placed in between different areas.

The only way to access this part of the map is with Omen’s teleportation ability. Once inside the area, players can clearly see and shoot into the different pathways leading into B Site, as well as the kitchen space above it. 

While these exploits have not been addressed yet, we hope they will be fixed soon in order to maintain competitive integrity on Icebox. The map is currently only available to play in casual mode, though it will be added to the competitive rotation on October 27th.

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