Monday, 4 Mar 2024

Play League of Legends and these other games to become a top Twitch streamer

Playing League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and other games could be your ticket to a cushy life as a paid Twitch streamer.

New research conducted by Japan101 shows that there are a number of core games which attract the most viewers on the popular streaming platform.

Top streamers who play these titles can attract more than 10,000 per stream and earn as much as £30,000 every month.

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Not all of the games are what you would expect either, with some retro classics coming in alongside more popular multiplayer games.

The most popular game is by far the MOBA title League of Legends, which had the highest peak viewership last year as well as the second highest average viewership. In the last 30 days alone, the average audience per top League of Legends stream has neared a combined 170,000.

After that there's Dota 2. Although this game dates back to 2013, it still attracts big audiences. The top Dota 2 streamer 'Nix' drew a peak viewership of 100,000 in the last month.

Dota 2 is also a huge moneymaker for competitive players. The world's highest earning eSports players earn most of their income from Dota 2 tournaments. This includes Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein, a 29-year-old Danish gamer who has raked in £5,962,855 from 130 tournaments.

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If you're not keen on League of Legends or Dota 2, there's a few other titles that might take your fancy. Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and even the retro World of Warcraft are massively popular games on Twitch.

Grand Theft Auto V is also hugely popular thanks to its wacky GTA Online mode. Top streamer PaulinhoLOKObr drew an average of 100,000 viewers per stream in the last 30 days on the game, despite the fact it came out almost ten years ago.


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