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Persona 5 Royal: Velvet Room Fusion Alarms Explained

Of the plethora of fun new mechanics added to Persona 5 Royal, the Fusion Alarm is perhaps the most dynamic— and versatile— of them all. It’s a high risk, high reward feature that jacks up the chances of accidents in the Velvet Room in exchange for powered up fusion processes. Utilized effectively, it’s perhaps one of the most essential mechanics in preparing the best personas you could ever ask for.

The ability to trigger Fusion Alarms unlocks after you’ve secured the route to Kaneshiro’s treasure during June-July. You’ll be prompted to enter the Velvet Room automatically as you’re leaving the palace. Provided you’ve been finishing the twin’s fusion requests, you should have access to upgraded versions of all three fusion processes.

How To Trigger And End Fusion Alarms

The alarms are triggered at random after you win a battle; any battle qualifies, even ones you finish via insta-kill. The alarms will be going off until you get back to the Velvet Room to either use them or turn them off by talking to the twin wardens.

The chances of triggering an alarm get much lower after your second alarm of the day, but there is a way to make sure you’ll consistently be getting alarms throughout your Metaverse visit. Rank 8 of the Wheel of Fortune confidant grants you the ability to ask Chihaya for a reading that will increase the frequency at which alarms occur. If you have the money for it, this is an absolutely essential reading to get before a Metaverse visit, along with the money reading.

Fusion Alarms end when a fusion goes awry— after a fun cutscene (in the case of the executions and electric chair), the twins will kick you out of the Velvet Room to repair the equipment. If you want to end the alarm before you’re hit by an accident, you can simply talk to the wardens or exit the Velvet Room.


When fusing two or more personas together during a Fusion Alarm, the number of skills they can inherit from the “parent” personas increases by one or two. In addition, anywhere from one to three skills that the resulting persona has may be subject to mutation after the fusion has finished— you’re given the option to simply watch them mutate, or stop the process. These mutations can be beneficial or end up erasing useful skills in favor of ones you didn’t need— it’s always a bit of a mixed bag, though there seems to be a higher likelihood that elemental magic skills will be upgraded to a more powerful version.

Thankfully, you’re allowed to save in the Velvet Room during an alarm— simply save before your fusion, and re-roll if you’re not happy with the resulting skills. One thing to note is that if a mutating skill lights up partially yellow as well as red, it means that it will evolves into a very powerful skill that would otherwise have only been available in the late game.

If an accident occurs during execution, the resulting persona will not have the opportunity for skill mutation, unfortunately.

However, there’s another fun aspect to alarm executions. A persona fused during an alarm will be highlighted in yellow in your persona stock.

Using this persona in other fusion processes results in a much higher chance of an accident, but using this persona in another fusion process has a fascinating effect: every single skill of the resulting persona will mutate into an arsenal of useful skills.

It renders the persona itself impractical in combat, but gives you access to skills that you may not have been otherwise able to pass onto your personas through normal means.


The alarm upgrade that the Gallows gets is pretty simple: the amount of experience gained is increased, and the strengthened persona has a chance of inheriting two skills from the offering persona instead of one. In addition, a persona can be strengthened any number of times during the same day if done so during an alarm.

However, there’s an interesting feature to the accidents: if a gallows fusion fails during an alarm, the persona will receive no skills or experience, but gain a stat boost instead. This makes the gallows operation the perfect process to finish off your Fusion Alarm with, as it’s the fastest way to max out a persona’s stats if used correctly.

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Electric Chair

This is pretty straightforward as well: the item you get from electrocuting a persona is one tier more powerful than the one you would have gotten from a regular itemization. The skill cards you receive are one level more powerful than their regular counterparts: i.e., if you normally would get a Mabufula from a certain persona, you’d receive a Bufudyne instead.

In Royal, persona itemization can also yield accessories that grant the ability to cast certain spells. In an alarm itemization, the accessory is upgraded one tier to grant a skill one level higher, as with the skill cards.

Equipment follows the general method as well— alarm itemization will yield a unique version of a piece of equipment that has higher attributes and may have more powerful secondary effects.

Itemization failures are almost always disappointing, as it will give you a random skill card or accessory instead— but, very rarely, you’ll get a powerful skill card that you otherwise wouldn’t have had access to. Consider that it’s not always wise to reroll after itemization accidents!

What Raises Your Chances Of An Accident?

The most obvious factor is using the same fusion method twice in a row— the twins themselves will warn you about the consequences if you try to do so. It’s best to rotate methods to get the most out of the alarm before getting booted out— unless you’re trying to trigger an accident on purpose, of course.

The other factor is how many personae you buy from the registry during an alarm. Buying one will increase your chances of an accident drastically, even if you haven’t used even on fusion method yet. Buying two or more will guarantee a failure in your next fusion attempt. If you want to get the most of your alarm, make sure to have all your component personae bought out before you trigger the alarm!

Solitary Confinement

Not the most exciting of effects, but useful nonetheless. Fusion Alarms double the effect of the incense you use while locking up a persona for growth— if an incense would normally have raised a stat by 2, it will raise it by 4 if used during an alarm. If you’re planning on locking one of your persona up, it’s best to do it during your last alarm of the day before heading out.

Remember: effective utilization of Fusion Alarms will allow you to become much stronger than you could become otherwise. Make sure you’re getting your time’s worth out of every alarm!

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