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Persona 5 Royal: How To Max Out Your Persona’s Stats

In the original Persona 5, the only way to max out a persona’s stats was through the use of the gallows in an expensive cycle of buying experience fodder, feeding it to your persona through a vetting process, and then rinse and repeat. And even then, because of the way personae growth works, it was often impossible to max out more than two stats on any given persona.

Well, Atlus has done away with all that expensive tedium this time around. With the introduction of the Fusion Alarms, Persona 5 Royal provides a way to max out your persona’s stats that is easy on both your playtime and in-game wallet. Just follow this step-by step guide, and you’ll be flaunting your ultimate persona in no time.

Step 0: Pre-Mementos Prep

The prep has two prerequisites: You’ll have to rank up the Chariot and Wheel of Fortune confidants to rank 7 and 8 respectively.

At rank 7, the Chariot confidant grants the Insta-Kill ability, whereby you can simply sprint through weak shadows and gain experience, money, and a persona as if you had completed the battle normally. The fact that it gives you a persona as well is crucial, as it’ll cut down the time required to coerce a shadow into joining you every time.

The Fortune confidant requiring a 100,000 yen investment before starting might keep you from meeting this prerequisite until a little bit into the game, but it’s well worth it. At rank 8, you gain the ability to ask Chihaya for a reading that will drastically increase the frequency at which Fusion Alarms trigger. As this method involves using multiple alarms, this will cut down significantly on the amount of shadows you’ll need to bust through before proceeding.

If you have both these perks, then perfect! Make sure you get an alarm reading from Chihaya before your Mementos visit.

Step 1: Get Your Target and Offering Personae Ready

Before diving into the shadows, make sure you have the persona you’re maxing out and an offering persona. Ideally, the offering persona would be one with skills that you’d like your target persona to learn— if you don’t have one in mind, just pick one persona of a similar level from the same arcana.

The key is that this persona should be strong enough to grant your target persona a level up upon being fused. The reason it should be prepped beforehand is that buying a persona from the registry drastically increases your chances of a fusion accident, potentially booting you out of the Velvet Room prematurely.

Step 2: Punch Those Shadows

Skull’s Insta-Kill will speed you through this step. Go to a level of Mementos with shadows just slightly weaker than you (the stronger, the better, as it will reward you with more money to buy offering personae on repeat). Use third Eye to find shadows with a green outline, then accelerate into them using R2.

Repeat until you have two personae and have triggered a Fusion Alarm. With the reading from Chihaya, the alarms should trigger within the first three battles until about the fifth or so alarm, at which it might take five or more battles to trigger.

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Step 3: Fuse The Two Personae You Just Picked Up

These personae don’t need to be high-level: fusing them first during the alarm is to create a highlighted persona, which will yield greater results when used in another fusion process. Think of it as making premium feed for your target persona.

Step 4: Feed Your Pre-prepped Offering Persona To Your Target Persona

Simple enough. Your offering persona should grant your target persona a level up, and some stat boosts along with it. If you’re using a persona with specific skills you want to pass on, don’t worry too much about re-rolling to get them: you’ll be feeding this persona quite a few times.

This step is actually interchangeable with step 4 in terms of chronological order— doing the fusion first just increases the chances of an accident on the second gallows fusion, which is what you want.

Step 5: Buy Your Designated Offering Persona From The Registry

This is a modified version of step 1, as you’re making sure you have the offering persona ready before your next Fusion Alarm after this. This has the added bonus of near guaranteeing an accident on your next fusion process.

Step 6: Feed The Highlighted Persona To Your Target Persona

This is where you give the premium feed you made in step 3 to your target persona. With all the factors set up by the previous steps, this will almost always result in an accident— your target persona will receive a stat boost (enhanced from the highlighted persona) without levelling up. The twins will then boot you out of the Velvet Room, ending the alarm.

Step 7: Start Over From Step 2

Rinse and repeat, basically. Before long, your target persona should be the strongest one in your arsenal, depending on its initial level.

A Few Caveats

Technically, step 0 isn’t mandatory— but given the repetitive nature of the method, it makes the whole process tedious and near unviable if you don’t meet the prerequisites. If you’re not averse to long grinds, though, knock yourself out! Just make sure you have all the components you need going into each alarm.

Also, repeat buying the offering persona can get a little harsh on your wallet depending on how much you’ve boosted the Mementos money gains via Jose. But if the shadows weak enough to Insta-Kill are still strong enough to induce a level up in your target persona, feel free to pick up a third persona to use instead of having a designated offering persona to re-buy every time.

This method is best used in Mementos due to the increased shadow spawns and the option to boost your money gains, but it’s technically workable in palaces as well. Just sprint into the green-outlined shadows as you would in the Mona-bus.

Finally, it’s worth noting that unless you grind real long, you probably won’t get your persona maxed out in one Mementos run. We recommend stretching it over two Mementos visits, or strengthening your persona as much as possible then maxing out the rest of their stats via an extended stay in solitary confinement. This is also useful becasue your persona is likely to learn a passive resistance to its innate elemental weakness. Just remember to return every two days to light up a new incense for maximum efficiency!

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