Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Persona 5 Royal: How To Fuse Faith And Consultant Arcana Personas

With the arrival of two brand new arcanas, Persona 5’s tried and true fusion chart has been shuffled about and modified to accommodate them. The big question is, how do you fuse Faith and Consultant personae so you can start those respective confidant links on the right foot?


This is the arcana associated with Yoshizawa Kasumi— code name Violet— the newest teammate added by Royal. The arcana family seems to be populated by well-rounded personae with a slight focus on physical and bless skills, much like Violet herself. With the exception of Tam Lin (a group execution recipe), all Faith personae can be fused with the combinations of:

  • Emperor / Magician
  • Emperor / Chariot
  • Empress / Strength
  • Empress / Temperance
  • Fortune / Fool
  • Fortune / Strength
  • Consultant / High Priestess
  • Consultant / Hermit


This is the arcana associated with Maruki Takuto, the new school counsellor. Their main characteristic seems to be filling some sort of support role, also very appropriate to Maruki himself. All Consultant personae can be fused with the combination of:

  • Hanged Man / Lovers
  • Hanged Man / Moon
  • Temperance / Moon
  • Fortune / Chariot
  • Fortune / Faith
  • Fool / Faith
  • Star / Death
  • Star / Tower
  • Hierophant / Hermit
  • Justice / Strength

When fusing personae, the resulting persona is as strong as the strength of the two ingredient personae averaged, not added together. Additionally, this “strength” is not determined by level, but by a tier hierarchy within each arcana family— the weakest personae in each arcana family share tier 1, regardless of their actual disparities in level. For the intents and purposes of fusion, Arsene (Fool, level 1) is considered the same “strength” as Kusi Mitama (Consultant, level 12) as it is the weakest Consultant persona.

If you want to check the exact recipes for each persona, you can use this handy fusion calculator to make sure you’ll be getting the result you want.

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