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Overwatch PTR: What is Overwatch PTR? How to get Overwatch PTR? Echo Update

Blizzard has released a multitude of games over the years and many of them rely on the feedback of fans to help make the gameplay absolutely flawless.

Not least when the majority of these games are multiplayer-focused.

But to ensure that the games remain balanced at all times, the various game teams make use of a Public Test Realm (PTR) to test patches before Blizzard releases them to the wider public.

For Overwatch fans, there's never been a better time to jump in and try out the PTR because the developers have just added the games latest character – Echo,the 32nd hero to join the ranks of the Overwatch roster.

Echo is available to play in the PTR from 10:30 PST / 18:30 CET / 17:30 GMT / 13:30 EST today.

But it is unclear when Echo will be added into the full-fledged live game across all platforms – but obviously that depends on how the PTR testing goes.

However, if you're not too sure how to join the Overwatch PTR or equally have questions about how it works, read on for everything you need to know


Q. On which platforms is the PTR available?

A. The PTR is available on Windows PC only.

Q. What regions are eligible to participate in the PTR?

A. Accounts from all regions (excluding China) are eligible to participate; however, the PTR will be hosted on our Americas region. As a result, if you plan to play the PTR from a region outside the US, please anticipate lowered performance and increased latency.

Q. Is there a cap to how many players can participate on the PTR?

A. The PTR can currently support 10k concurrent players (or players logged into the PTR at the same time). If we happen to reach this cap, any new players attempting to log in to the PTR will be placed into a queue.

Q. What languages will be supported on the PTR?

A. The PTR is available in all supported languages, though some content may not be fully localized yet.

Q. Will any account progress from the live game transfer over to the PTR with me, or do I need to start from scratch?

A. A copy of your account from the live game will be transferred over to the PTR automatically, and all progress will transfer over with it (level, unlocks, stats, etc.). Please note that this copy is pre-made, though, and based on an earlier snapshot of your account. As a result, depending on when you last played, your PTR account may not be as up-to-date as your live game account.

Q. Will any progress I make on the PTR transfer over to the live game?

A. No. Any progression earned during the PTR—including levels, achievements, stats, skill ratings, loot boxes (including rewards from loot boxes), currency (including Competitive Points), and cosmetic items unlocked with currency—will not transfer over to the live game.

Q. Will I be able to purchase Loot Boxes on the PTR?

A. No. All real-money purchases are disabled on the PTR.

Q. Where can I share feedback about the upcoming patch content?

A. This iteration of the PTR is intended to make sure the upcoming patch is working correctly before it's released, so we'll be primarily focused on uncovering major bugs and technical issues. Though you are still welcome to share your feedback through our normal channels, it's unlikely that we'll be able to incorporate changes based on PTR feedback in this patch cycle.

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