Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Overwatch 2 leaks story details as release date announcement still absent

Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2019’s opening ceremony, and the company actually ended up announcing more than we thought during the show – including a massive new look at Diablo 4.

Jeff Kaplan took to the stage to announce the sequel to the massively popular hero shooter will contain a whole new Story Mode, telling us more about the world of Overwatch and the heroes and villains within it.

He also noted that the title would be getting PvE Hero Missions, and a new PvP mode called 'Push' which will make players make the most of the map by dynamically shifting where key chokepoints will be found.

But what will the story consist of? We've already seen the first story mission, which features the Overwatch crew heading to Rio de Janeiro to help Lucio prevent an invasion of the city.

It turns out we may know what's coming next, too.

A set of leaked images appeared online last week, and they seemingly revealed a new look at Efi Oladele (a Numbanian inventor responsible for building and programming tank hero Orisa).

The images seem to show off an in-engine model of the character – someone we've not seen in-game before.

With numerous facial expressions shown, it's likely she's going to play a key part in the game's story… but whether that's as a hero or as an NPC remains to be seen.

It's unlikely she'll be playable: games that contain shooting often shy away from having playable child characters… after all, shooting kids is a very bad look, right?

Considering we're going to see Overwatch 2 move forward a few years when it comes to the plot, we could see Efi aged up a little – and hence become playable.

She's 11 in the lore, though, and we doubt the game is going to push on at least 7 years. We could yet be surprised, though!

Reddit user ‘ DocterrificDoc ’ – the user that first shared the in-engine shots of the character – explained that every leak should be taken with caution until officially revealed by Blizzard.

We'll update you as more information is revealed.

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