Monday, 26 Feb 2024

OGN unveils Super Arena ahead of National PUBG League

OGN has unveiled its esports-dedicated Super Arena – located in California – by hosting a celebrity event called OGN Supermatch: Alpha.

In October it was announced that OGN had partnered with PUBG Corp. to launch a professional PUBG league called the National PUBG League, moving its operations over to North America in the process.

The launch of the Super Arena came in the form of a special event that saw celebrities, professional players, and internet personalities compete against each other. Cloud9, record producer deadmau5, content creator Jericho, and comedy YouTubers The Try Guys all competed in charity matches on PUBG.

DJ Lee, CEO of CJ E&M America – who is overseeing operations – commented: “With this event, our U.S. launch is now official and we are very excited to be able to unveil our new arena and studio for fans here and around the world. We can’t wait to show everyone the next phase in this journey.”

OGN Supermatch will be one of the flagship events that takes place in the arena, and it’ll be an invitational competition “between two of the best competitors in a game”. The arena will also be notable for acting as the home to the National PUBG League, one of six regional pro leagues being launched for PUBG, from January 2019.

Covering 35,000 square feet, the Super Arena will have a 100-player capacity and will seat up to 400 spectators. The stage was designed with Battle Royale competitions in mind.

Esports Insider says: The stage looks great, and it’s an awesome move to have yet another esports venue in America. The event itself was a clever way to get some eyes on the venue ahead of the upcoming National Pro League.

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