Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

Oculus Link Beta Now Supports Some AMD GPUs – Road to VR

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Launched last month in beta, Oculus Link lets you connect your Oculus Quest standalone headset to a VR-ready computer, letting you play PC VR games simply by hooking up a high-quality USB 3 cable. Users with AMD graphics cards however were a bit dismayed to find out that exactly zero were supported at the beta’s launch last month, although thankfully that’s changed now.

First spotted by UploadVR, Oculus has now included a number of AMD cards to its list of Oculus Link-capable PC specs, which includes its 400, 500, 5000 and Vega series GPUs.

Unfortunately 200 and 300 series cards aren’t officially supported at this time, although Oculus says its working directly with AMD “to support as many of their cards as possible by the time the beta period ends.”

Considering Oculus Link also supports AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater CPUs, it seems all-AMD rigs have a much better chance at turning the standalone Quest into what feels like bona fide PC VR headset.

Looking for a USB cable for Link? Oculus hasn’t released its official cable yet, although the company suggests the following Anker cable in the meantime, which has been tested and approved. Links: North America | Canada | UK | Japan | Australia | Germany

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