Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

Nintendo Switch Stock Alert: Animal Crossing bundle in stock at

Nintendo Switch stock is something of a high commodity at the moment.

Not quite at the levels of Toilet roll and pasta, but it's still one of the more sought after possessions given that it has a massive library of games, is relatively cheap and can be used on the go.

As far as being kid friendly, it's certainly the top pick for parents looking to occupy children.

But as we say, it's selling out fast. In fact, as remarked by Trusted Reviews, Buying a Nintendo Switch is nearly impossible in the UK right now.

Whether this is due to increased sales, or less stock, isn't clear. Likely a combination of both.

Although the fact that big retailers like Argos, GAME and Currys are all struggling to fill orders, likely suggests that its a stock issues rather than a rapid increase in sales.

After all, in February Bloomberg did report that there was likely to be a shortage of stock due to factory closures in China from the Covid-19 outbreak.

However, whilst it is, more or less impossible to buy, some sites do occasionally have stock.

Today it's the turn of to bask in the glory, as they have not just any old Switch in stock, but even better, the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Console bundle.


Yes, it's a little more pricey as you're buying a game on top, but it's also the hottest game on Switch right now.

A sure-fire classic that everyone is playing. And at a time when you can barely leave the house, maybe Animal Crossing: New Horizon's calm village life simulator is precisely what we all need.

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