Tuesday, 28 Mar 2023

Nintendo Reveals First Trailer For The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Releases April 7

Nintendo has finally done it. Chris Pratt's version of Mario has been unleashed into the world as we finally got our first trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie during its dedicated Nintendo Direct. Not only that, we've also learnt that the movie will be hitting theatres on April 7 next year, much to the dismay of every Mario fan out there.

The trailer begins with Boswer leading an assault on an unnamed city, before the gates of the city opens up and reveals an army of little penguins modelled after the one you definitely thre off of that cliff in Mario 64. The trailer then cuts to Mario who wakes up amidst a bunch of mushrooms before being ambushed by Toad. We then hear Chris Pratt's glorious Italian accent fly out of Mario's mouth before he then rushes off towards the Mushroom Kingdom to set out on his adventure.

We also got to see a very brief look at Charlie Day's Luigi, as he runs away from an army of Dry Bones. He then locks himself in a spooky castle, fitting for the star of the Luigi's Mansion series. Unfortunately, we didn't get to hear Charlie Day, or see any other of the characters, but we'll likely get more trailers before the movie launches next year.

While Nintendo and Illumination were probably hoping to keep Mario's new look at secret before today's trailer, a little bit of the surprise was taken out the reveal thanks to McDonalds. Not only did a single McDonalds employee leak Mario's look via the Discord channel of popular YouTuber ConnorEatsPants, but Peach's design also leaked earlier today thanks to a promotional calender.

Unfortunately, this trailer also seems to confirm that Mario's ass is as flat as it seemed in the poster, as fans were shocked to discover Mario's disappointingly flat behind when it was revealed earlier this week. The reactions to Mario's backside were mixed, some questioning why Mario's ass is so small considering all the running and jumping he does, while others are still in denial and hope that his movie will solve the mystery of his missing cake.

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