Thursday, 28 Sep 2023

Nightdive Updates SiN On Steam, Full Remaster In The Works

Nightdive Studios is really making the rounds today. Along with announcing an upcoming Shadow Man remaster, the house of remasters has updated 90s shooter SiN on Steam and GOG. Now coming in a package called SiN: Gold, this package includes both the main game and its expansion along with a host of general updates that improve its playability. Owners of the previous release on Steam (which initially shipped with pseudo-sequel SiN Episodes: Emergence) will receive the update for free while new adopters can nab it for $9.99.

News of this repackaging was spoiled a little when fans noticed that the original SiN on Steam had gone missing. While mostly a glitch in the system, it turns out Nightdive was working behind the scenes to provide this new update. Due to the way Steam handles application IDs, the company had to temporarily remove the original from the platform before it could send out this new version.

As for what, exactly, is updated, the biggest change is the addition of SiN’s expansion. The original digital versions didn’t have this readily available, so now fans can play it without fussing too much. There’s also proper widescreen support, restored/uncensored assets, and a bunch of fixes for specific maps that would cause crashes.

If that wasn’t enough good news, Nightdive also announced it will be producing a remaster of SiN for release in late 2020/early 2021. Running on the Kex Engine, there isn’t a whole lot of information to go on other than what we know about previous releases. We can expect 4K resolution support, rebuilt physics, new lighting and textures, and probably a console port. It’s still too early to tell, but this is great news.

Many people overlooked SiN when it released in 1998 because of a little game called Half-Life. Coming out a mere 10 days before Valve’s monumental shooter, SiN looked positively dated in comparison to what the competition was offering. It’s really unfortunate, though, because SiN is a pretty solid little shooter. It didn’t reinvent the wheel, but it also offers a look at how campaigns used to be structured before Valve rewrote the playbook.

I’ve yet to try this specific update, but the original version ran just fine on modern PCs. This new one should work even better, especially with less crashing. If you fancy getting into some old-school shooter action, SiN isn’t a bad way to do so.

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