Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

NGAGE Esports announces SquadUP as ticketing partner for 2020

Overwatch League‘s Houston Outlaws owner NGAGE Esports is partnering up with mobile ticketing software provider SquadUP for the upcoming home games in 2020.

Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas will see more of the Houston Outlaws in 2020. For its third season, the Overwatch League announced the teams are hosting home games, leaving the Blizzard Arena behind. NGAGE Esports, events branch of Infinite Esports, announced SquadUP as its first partner for the future events.

The system will be integrated into NGAGE’s website alongside other retail offerings. SquadUP previously worked with Riot Games and the North American League of Legends Championship providing ticketing for the summer season and regional qualifiers.

NGAGE is committed to bringing the best esports events to Texas, starting with the ECS Season 6 Finals next November 22. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the first esports event scheduled at the Esports Stadium Arlington. The action will continue through 2019 with NGAGE in charge of the events, especially those featuring OpTic Gaming.

Texas is slowly becoming the next esports destination in the United States. The largest state in the country has an active and fast-growing esports scene with many organisation choosing it as its centre of operations.

Houston Outlaws is one of the  Overwatch Leagues’ first teams’ to make moves ahead of season three. Supporting local business and finding partners is the key for a successful transition into a geolocated league. In the meanwhile, teams are gearing up to compete in the season two set to start in 2019 with 20 teams competing for the title.

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Esports Insider says: Geolocated teams are a new concept in esports, but it lacks sense if all the teams are in California. As the Overwatch Leagues grows, the Blizzard Arena will not be enough for the 20 teams competing. It is the best time for teams to start making moves to create their own spaces in their regions. If more teams follow Outlaws’ example, the Overwatch League will grow exponentially in 2020.

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