Thursday, 28 Sep 2023

New 'Stormland' Video Teases Varied Enemy Types, Explosive Combat & More – Road to VR

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Stormland, Insomniac Games’ upcoming Rift exclusive, is gearing up for launch on November 14th. Along the way, Oculus and Insomniac are throwing out weekly reveals that give us a closer look at what awaits. Last week’s teaser was all about weekly missions and content reveals, while this week’s focuses in on the game’s enemies (both big and small) and its undeniably cool-looking combat.

In the video, we get a look at number of the game’s enemy types, including flying drone swarms, scouts, snipers, sentinels, missile launchers, and two enemy types that thus far haven’t been named: ‘Blitz Troopers’ and the aptly named ‘Goliath Troopers’.

As we’ve seen in our previous trailers, some enemies can be taken down in either conventional ways (pew pew), or by deftly robbing them of their battery canisters. We’re hoping these sorts of avenues for creative tactics are available on other enemies too, but since we’ve never actually had a chance to fight any larger enemies in the demos we’ve played, we simply can’t say.

What we have seen in a trailer released back in August is a pretty rich combat system though, which emphasizes the diverse tactics available to players, such as environmental and ability-based stealth, high maneuverability with smaller weapons, and the head-on approach supported by heavy weaponry.

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