Monday, 26 Feb 2024

New Pokemon That Looks Like Long Diglett Apparently Not Diglett

A new Pokemon has been revealed for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and it looks a lot like an old friend, Diglett. This new 'mon is white, has a little round head, pokes out of the ground with a pink mouth/nose and oh my God it's long! It's so long! Why is it that long oh God!?

This definitely not Diglett Pokemon is absolutely terrifying, and some at TheGamer reckon it looks like a razor clam – which apparently goes great with chili oil. Razor clams are shelled creatures that live on beaches – as not Diglett does – and sort of shoot out of their shells to get food, I guess? I don't know, I'm not an expert on weird creatures.

Fortunately, the World Pokemon Ecological Society has many experts among its ranks. Those experts initially thought, as you and I did, that this was a Paldean variant of Diglett, but upon closer inspection have determined it to be a new Pokemon entirely.

I have never seen a more clear variant Pokemon in my entire life, and now I live in constant fear that regular Diglett are actually super long, like snakes, just waiting to strike when someone tries to pat their cute round bald heads.

Dubbed "Wiglett" during the Ecological Society presentation, they experts noted the striking similarities between this Pokemon and Diglett, but their bodies and environments are different enough to classify it as a different 'mon entirely.

Wiglett – literally White Diglett – likes to live in the sand by the sea and in the surf, so it's likely to be a Ground/Water-type Pokemon.

In other Pokemon news, some BDSP dialogue pulled directly from the originals has led to the insinuation that berries in the Pokemon universe are made from PokePoop. You're not going to be able to look at poffins the same, are you?

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