Monday, 14 Jun 2021

New Deathloop trailer confirms its coming May 2021

The highly anticipated next-gen shooter Deathloop is officially coming May 21, 2021. A new trailer from Bethesda confirms that Arkane Studios’ latest isn’t all that far off.

Yesterday the New Zealand PlayStation store listed Deathloop’s release date as May 21 of next year, with many speculating that it was either a listing error or placeholder date. However, it turns out that Deathloop will indeed be available by next May.

You can check out the official launch date trailer for yourself below.

At the end of the trailer, a disclaimer also clarifies that Deathloop is a one-year timed console exclusive for the PS5. It’s still coming to PC the same day, but Xbox Series X|S owners will likely have to wait until 2022 to get their mitts on the game, which is kind of funny, considering that Microsoft now owns Bethesda and Arkane Studios. That exclusivity deal with Sony on Deathloop came well before Microsoft shelled over the cash for Bethesda, though. If nothing else, the emphasis on timed-exclusivity suggests that the game will come to Xbox Series X|S at some point, even if it’s not soon.

Deathloop was initially supposed to come out in 2020 but was moved to sometime in Q2 2021 due to COVID-19’s impact on development. With Arkane’s management stating its staff’s safety is paramount and that the extra development time is essential to deliver a quality product. Given the pandemic’s impact on all of our lives, it’s remarkable that Arkane is still getting Deathloop out relatively soon.

In any event, Deathloop is only five months away for PS5 and PC. This is Arkane’s second original IP since the Dishonored launched in 2012 and its first independent development since Prey and Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider in 2017. Those are some lofty expectations to live up to, but hopefully, Arkane is up for the challenge.

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