Thursday, 30 Mar 2023

Need For Speed 2022 tagline is the supremely ironic ‘Do Not Ignore’

There’s been rumours for months but only now, just weeks before its release, is EA finally admitting there’s a new Need For Speed due soon.

Although they did tell their investors there would be a new Need For Speed out this year, EA has not said a word about the game in public and many fans assumed that it had been cancelled or delayed.

That wouldn’t be too surprising, given the poor performance of the last few entries in the series, but it is still coming and EA has finally started teasing the game’s existence, but only in the vaguest way possible.

The game is being created by Burnout and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit developer Criterion Games but there’s still no official clue as to what it’s called or what its main gimmick may be, although there has been a three second leak of in-game footage.

That leak confirmed a previous rumour that the game would feature anime style effects at certain points, during boosts and jumps and other feats. Although what the context for this is in the game, remains a mystery.

EA’s tease is a very generic looking logo that doesn’t seem to offer any additional clues but there is a tagline of ‘Do Not Ignore’, which is ironic given how much EA has ignored it up till now.

Rumours suggest that the game will launch in December, which does give a little bit of time for some marketing, but that will mean a peculiarly short period between announcement and launch.

The only other rumour suggests the game will be next gen only, for consoles and PC, with the official Twitter account already having rebranded itself, despite not having tweeted anything since last year.

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