Monday, 25 Sep 2023

Mythic Championship VII day 2 exemplifies a balanced metagame

Everything at Mythic Championship VII was balanced, from the top 24 players who moved onto the second day to the diverse metagame. 

Day one at MCVII was full of spectacular plays and balanced metagame. This is the first time since the release of the Throne of Eldraine set that the Standard meta has been balanced in a major Magic: The Gathering tournament. 

A total of 67 of the best Magic players around the world gathered to battle it out at the last major tournament of the 2019 season. Those who made the top 24 on day one and are playing in day two qualified through the Arena Mythic Qualifiers (MCQ), are Magic Pro League (MPL) players, or were asked to attend via performance and discretionary invites to MCVII. 

Top 24 from MCVII day one

  • Miguel da Cruz Simões (MCQ): Jund Sacrifice.
  • Jordan Cairns (MCQ): Golgari Adventure.
  • Andrea Mengucci (MPL): Simic Ramp.
  • Chris Kvartek (MCQ): Golgari Adventure.
  • Seth Manfield (MPL): Simic Flash.
  • Martin Jůza (MPL): Golgari Sacrifice.
  • Christian Huak (MPL): Jeskai Fires.
  • Brad Nelson (MPL): Simic Flash.
  • Gabriel Nassif (Performance Invite): Izzet Flash.
  • Javier Dominguez (MPL): Simic Flash.
  • Beatriz Grancha (Discretionary Invite): Jeskai Fires.
  • John Girardot (MCQ): Temur Reclamation.
  • Luis Salvatto (MPL): Sultai Ramp.
  • Ben Stark (MPL): Azorius Control.
  • Lucas Esper Berthoud (MPL): Simic Ramp.
  • Matthew Nass (MPL): Jeskai Fires.
  • Carlos Romão (MPL): Jund Sacrifice.
  • Alexander Hayne (MPL): Esper Control.
  • Marcelino Freeman (Discretionary Invite): Jeskai Fires.
  • Shahar Shenhar (MPL): Izzet Flash.
  • Tian Fa Mun (Discretionary Invite): Jeskai Fires.
  • Ally Warfield (Discretionary Invite): Golgari Adventure.
  • Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa (MPL): Jeskai Fires.
  • Mike Sigrist (MPL): Jeskai Fires.

There’s a healthy balance between those who qualified, are in the MPL, and were given invites that are playing during day two. And there are a total of 11 archetypes that made it into the top 24:  

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