Friday, 31 Mar 2023

MultiVersus Soundtrack Uploaded To Spotify, Contains Leaked Track That Hints At Animaniacs

Player First Games has finally uploaded MultiVersus' soundtrack to YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, and it strangely includes one unreleased track that was leaked months ago and seems to be hinting at the Animaniacs, or at least a stage based on the Warner Bros. Water Tower.

Although much of the MultiVersus leaks over the past few months have mainly been focused on characters and costumes, there have also been a fair amount of leaked songs from the OST. Some of these songs are just for stages that haven't been released yet, like one based on Space Jam for LeBron James, while others are for characters and stages that have seemingly been cancelled, like one based on Lord of the Rings.

One leaked track was particularly interesting, however, as it seemed to replicate the Animaniacs style and was named "Come On Down to the Warner Bros. Lot", seemingly in reference to the Warner Bros. Water Tower that the Animaniacs are famously known for living in. The track was leaked around the same time as the MultiVersus open beta began, but, as pointed out by reliable MultiVersus leaker LaisulMV, it's now been included at the bottom of the MultiVersus soundtrack uploaded to streaming services.

Although the track isn't explicitly linked to the Animaniacs and could just be hinting at a new stage, it's the most obvious connection to make and still a strange inclusion for the soundtrack considering it's not officially in the game yet. Even stranger is that the rest of the leaked tracks, like the one for Space Jam, haven't been included on here despite being leaked around the same time and actually having characters in the game related to them.

For unknown reasons, there is one notable exclusion from the soundtrack – the Steven Universe Sky Arena tracks. Some have speculated that it could be for copyright reasons, but that doesn't make too much sense considering the Rick and Morty, Scooby-Doo, and Adventure Time tracks are all on the soundtrack.

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