Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

Moonmoon Dies Right Before Beating DOOM Eternal On Ultra-Nightmare Mode

He’s probably still ripping and tearing his hair out. So close. SO. CLOSE.

Now, it’s probably news to nobody that Doom Eternal can get just ever so slightly on the intense side. This is why it was such a delicious coincidence that the game shared its March 20 release date with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You simply couldn’t find two video games that were more tonally different.

Ever since the original Doom ripped and teared its way into our lives back in 1993, Doom as a series has had an unmistakable style. The sense of foreboding, the atmosphere, the sheer adrenaline and feeling of being powerful that only these games can deliver. The reboots in particular lend an unrelenting intensity to the gameplay, ramping the concept of being trapped in an arena and fighting for you life up to eleven.

As always, there are a range of harder difficulty options available, for those who really want to feel the full fury of Doom. Nightmare mode is truly brutal, offering scant supplies and enemies that are about as ferocious and numerous as the game engine can muster. The only step above this difficulty is Ultra-Nightmare, which is largely the same mode but with just one extra wrinkle: permadeath.

You see where this is going, then. Ultra-Nightmare playthroughs are afoot, and there have been tragic failures aplenty. We’ve seen none more tragic than that of seasoned streamer MOONMOON, who was killed mid-way through a pitched battle against the game’s final boss (you can watch the heartbreaking moment in full right here). To make the whole tableau even sadder, as Dexerto reports, an ill-timed donation arrived just after it happened, complete with a supportive message cheering him on: “you got this!”

To his credit, MOONMOON took it all rather well, laughing, “no I don’t, I died!” One thing’s for certain: we can’t blame him at all for vowing not to try the run again any time soon. That particular Baron of Hell certainly lived up to its name. It’s always the mobs you have to watch out for, isn’t it?

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