Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Modern Warfare Season 3 Details And Start Date Revealed

A Tweet from the Call of Duty Twitter account has revealed Season 3 of Modern Warfare will begin April 8th. The promo image also hints at what will be coming this season, and long time fans will definitely be pleased.

Season 3 will appropriately be seeing 3 new operators join the battle(if this image is any indication) as well as new maps and the expected new cosmetic items. Behind the operators, in the distance, are 2 locations that may indicate which maps are coming this season. One of them is reminding Twitter users of COD4‘s Backlot map, which data miners have already found files for in the game.

Backlot is a mid-sized map that many will remember from the original Modern Warfare. It’s got tons of interiors spaces and great sightlines for sniping, especially from the garage in the center. Data miners also discovered game files for Village from Modern Warfare 3, so it’s likely at least those 2 maps will be added this season.

Season 2 started on February 11th and ran for 2 months, and Season 3 is expected to go until early June. If you completed your Season 2 battle pass you should have earned enough COD Points to cover the cost of the next pass. If not, you still have a few days to grind it out.

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