Saturday, 23 Sep 2023

Medical Masks Are A Hot Commodity In Animal Crossing

Art imitates life, sometimes, and players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons have been reacting to the global pandemic by making the most obvious of fashion choices: wearing a medical mask.

Masks may be difficult to get your hands on during the current international health scare, but there’s no supply shortage in the digital world, as shown by the recent trend of wearing the item that’s being seen on YouTube, Twitter and anywhere else that players have been sharing their Animal Crossing characters.

The mask can be purchased from the bell store in the Nook Shop, though it’s not always there. This has led to some players reaching out online with hopes of trading with luckier players for the hot-ticket item.

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It’s not just random players sporting the practical fashion accessory, either — popular YouTubers such as Arekkz Gaming and Vinesauce have made similar choices, giving something of a stark reminder to their viewers of about the microbial danger that has affected everyone’s lives, and kept many people indoors.

Vinesauce, in fact, bought one the first day of playing, which he received and was able to put it on after receiving it in the mail on the second day.

“This isn’t in poor taste, right?” he asked after equipping it. “”If anything, it’s a PSA.”

Medical masks have existed in Animal Crossing games well before the current pandemnic, and had taken on a bit of a role as a fashion statement in Asia even during times when there were no major health crises.

But fashion accessory or not, the ubiquity of New Horizons’ face masks may serve as a reminder to players and viewers about the severity of the current medical situation, and in turn encourage them to wear masks when available, wash their hands, maintain social distancing, and stay indoors unless absolutely necessary.

In time, the pandemic will be overcome. But for now, it helps when everyone does whatever little things they can to keep us all safe.

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