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Magic: The Gathering – The 8 Best Green Cards In Dominaria Remastered

Dominaria Remastered is Magic: The Gathering's all-reprint set celebrating 30 years of the game. The set features cards released from any set that featured Dominaria as a plane, from the earliest days of the game all the way up to Dominaria United.

Dominaria Remastered features many powerful cards from all throughout Magic: The Gathering's history. The green cards in particular are especially powerful, featuring long-standing staples as well as reprints of cards that had never been reprinted previously. From simple mana dorks to ramp and stax pieces, green has plenty of solid cards in Dominaria Remastered that are good for both the draft and constructed formats.

8/8 Nature's Lore

Nature's Lore is a staple in green due to how fantastic it is at ramping. For just two mana you can put any Forest card from your library onto the battlefield. Compared to many other cards, the land does not come in tapped, allowing you to use it right away.

Nature's Lore is unique in that it searches out any Forest card, not just a basic Forest. It can seek out dual lands with the Forest typing, making it fantastic in multi-colored decks that run a lot of dual lands and triomes.

7/8 Elvish Spirit Guide

Elvish Spirit Guide is a creature that you will likely never cast. Instead, you will be using its ability to exile it to add a green mana. Though this is not a lot of mana, getting one mana for free can be the difference between winning and losing.

Elvish Spirit Guide does not have a mana cost to lose, so you get to trade a card out of your hand for a green mana. This lets you get ahead of your mana curve, leading to a snowball of being ahead of your opponents in mana as soon as the game begins.

6/8 Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation is a fantastic one-mana ramp spell. It does require you to sacrifice a land, but in exchange, you get any land out from your library. This allows you to turn any basic land any a powerful utility land.

Not only is that a phenomenal effect, but it is on an instant spell as well. This allows you to keep your mana up for interaction, and then use Crop Rotation before your turn comes around to get a powerful land on the battlefield to use for your turn.

5/8 Birds Of Paradise

Birds Of Paradise is one of the most iconic mana dorks in the game. For just one mana, you get a creature on the battlefield that can tap itself for any color. Generally, mana dorks that can tap for more than just one mana have a downside, be it a higher casting cost or requiring some kind of cost.

Birds Of Paradise has none of these downsides. Even though it has no power to attack, you can use it to ramp into all of your powerful spells. It can be used as a blocker in a pinch, especially since it has flying to allow for a blocker in the air.

4/8 Arboria

Arboria has not seen a printing since its original run in 1994's Legends set (excluding a Magic: Online exclusive release), making it a very welcomed reprint. Arboria is a fantastic enchantment that is a perfect card for control decks.

So long as a player didn't cast a spell or put a permanent on the battlefield during their last turn, they are unable to be attacked. If you have a way to give your spells flash, you can ensure you can't be attacked while also progressing your board state. If you're playing a control deck, this protects you from keeping your defenses low, as you won't have to worry about blocking since you can't be attacked in the first place.

3/8 Exploration

Exploration is a deceptively simple card. It's a one-mana enchantment that lets you play an extra land on each of your turns. Although this effect is basic, it's fantastic. Due to how important lands are in a game of Magic: The Gathering, being able to get more lands on the battlefield earlier lets you play out your more powerful spells more quicker.

Exploration only affects you as well, meaning that your opponents don't get its beneficial effects. If you find Exploration in your hand early, you can get a major headstart on your opponents. Since it's so easy to cast, you can get Exploration down on the battlefield as early as turn one.

2/8 Worldly Tutor

Tutors are some of the best cards available in Magic: The Gathering. They add a ton of consistency that makes your game plan much easier to get to. Worldly Tutor allows you to search for any creature card and put it on the top of your library. This is an instant, allowing you to use it before you actually draw, ensuring that you draw whatever creature you need for your turn.

Worldly Tutor only costs one mana as well, helping to ensure you have the mana to cast the creature you just searched for. There is no restriction on Worldly Tutor, making for one of the best cards to search for a specific creature. In formats like Commander with large deck sizes, it becomes one of the best since it lets you get around the inconsistency of running such a large deck.

1/8 Sylvan Library

Sylvan Library is one of the best enchantments that add a ton of draw power to your deck. It only costs two mana, allowing you to get it on the battlefield very early to start getting an advantage out of it early on in a match. Sylvan Library lets you draw two extra cards on your turn, giving you a total of three. The only downside to this is paying four life to keep two of those cards.

While this is a steep cost in some formats, in Commander with 40 life, this cost is trivial and a worthwhile trade-off for such strong draw power. If none of the cards are worth keeping, you can simply put the cards back to the top of the library for no downside.

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