Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will get a little bigger in 2020

Green Mario’s ghost-hunting adventures aren’t over yet. Nintendo has announced two packs of additional content for the Nintendo Switch exclusive, which will add both single-player and multiplayer content to Luigi’s Mansion 3 next year.

The first pack, which adds new mini games to the ScreamPark mode, will be released by April 30, 2020. This first installment will also include three new outfits and themed ghosts for co-op mode, as well as a special Polterpup light that can be used during story mode. Notably, Luigi seems to have a fabulous new haircut.

The second multiplayer pack will be release by July 31st, 2020. Players can expect new mini-games for ScreamPark mode, as well as new outfits and themed ghosts for ScareScraper mode.

In our review, we call Luigi’s Mansion 3 “our scaredy-cat hero’s best adventure yet, and it’s made even better by just how much he dislikes being on it.” The good news is that if you haven’t played it, you have a few months to catch up before the expansions hit.

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