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Luigi's Mansion 3: 8F Paranormal Productions Walkthrough (Polterkitty 8F and 7F)

This portion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 guide includes the Paranormal Productions walkthrough and all Paranormal Productions gem locations. Here, you'll also find a step-by-step solution to the director's megaphone puzzle. Plus tips and tricks for taking on the Godzilla style boss at the end.

After beating the boss, you'll need to get the elevator button back from the ghost cat known as Polterkitty. This ghost is harder to capture than your average ectoplasm filled foe and you'll have to visit another floor. But, with some patience, you'll get that elevator button back.

Below are the walkthrough sections and objectives. Please note we may have added a few objectives ourselves to indicate the steps you need to take to complete the main objective.

Paranormal Productions Walkthrough

  • Explore Paranormal Productions
  • Find the Director's Megaphone
  • Help the Director Shoot His Film
  • Godzilla (style) Boss
  • Install the Button in the Elevator
  • Follow Polterkitty and Get the Button
  • How to Capture the Polterkitty
  • Install the Button in the Elevator

Paranormal Productions Gems

Every Paranormal Productions gem can be collected on your first visit. All gem locations will be written in a blue box so scroll through for them to see what you're missing or scroll past them if you'd rather discover the answer to those puzzles yourself.

Explore Paranormal Productions

Head to the 8th floor to explore paranormal productions.

Paranormal Productions Gem #5

Vacuum the blades of this helicopter until a gem appears.

Vacuum the helicopter blades and a gem will pop out of the vehicle.

The red carpet will lead you down a gallery of portraits and into the next room.

Paranormal Productions Gem #6

Pull this brass orb to reveal the gem. Use Gooigi to collect it by going through the bars.

Notice the brass container with the film canister. Vacuum the brass ball on the rope, connected to that brass structure. Pulling it will move the camera on the wall and spit out a gem.

Use Gooigi to slip through the bars and get behind the counter to pick up the gem.

Paranormal Productions Gem #2

Break this plant with the suction shot, and notice the rolled carpet corner. Vacuum up that corner to reveal this gem.

Near the tv, before the main door and suction shot/pull the potted plant so that it breaks. Notice the slightly rolled carpet corner. Vacuum that corner to reveal a gem.

Vacuum up that carpet for a surprise gem.

On your left is a television. Activate it by flashing the strobulb at it.

Once the tv is active, interact with it.

From here, use the suction shot to open the glass case and get the gold key to open the main door. Then, head through those large doors to meet the director.

Travel through the TV in the previous room to get to this platform. Use the suction shot on this case to the right to get the golden key.

Turns out the director needs his megaphone which means you need to be the one to find it.

Find the Director's Megaphone

Activate the TVs in each set.

All four of these TVs need to be activated by going onto each set and flashing the strobulb on them.

Start by going to each room and activating all the TVs with a flash of your Stobulb. This will give you the ability to warp between the director’s room and the studio sets on the sides. Getting to know these sets is also the first step to solving the puzzle. The most efficient order is to do the left rooms first, and the right rooms last, ending at the castle set.

Get the Bucket

Now that all the TVs are connecting the sets to backstage, grab the bucket from the director's room and travel through the TV to the horror set.

Vacuum up this bucket from the right side of the TVs and go into the horror set. Drop it into the well and get filming.

Get water

Grab the bucket and enter the TV that takes you to the Horror set with the well. Make sure you’re still holding the bucket. Drop the bucket into the well.

Have Gooigi stand in front of the camera and Luigi activate the camera. Now we’re rolling! Have Gooigi walk up to the well and interact with it.

The result is scary but it’s also a bucket of water.

Once you have the bucket of water, return to the main set and head into the castle set's TV.

Stop filming to come back to reality. Have Luigi vacuum/grab the bucket of water.

Return to the main room by interacting with the TV.

Use the water to grow the plant

Use the TV to teleport to the medieval set with the plant while carrying the bucket of water.

Have Gooigi in set in front of the camera while holding the bucket of water and have Luigi start the camera.

Next, pour the bucket of water onto the plant and climb to the top of the castle. Pick up the torch and bring it down the ground.

Follow the same process of filming like before, but water the plant to get the torch. Once Gooigi brings back the torch, have Luigi take it the main set, and then into the set with the buildings–the fire set.

Stop filming! Have Luigi pick up the torch and use the TV to return to the main room.

Set the torch on fire

While still holding the torch, use the TV to teleport to the building set.

Paranormal Productions Gem #1

Look at the bicycle in the back right of the set. Vacuum up the scrap and pull it to reveal a gem ghost. Capture it to get the gem.

Head to the back right to pull the cover off the bike's basket by vacuuming it up. This will reveal a ghost with a gem inside it. Capture that ghost to get a gem.

Have Gooigi hold the torch and put him in front of the camera. Use Luigi to turn on the camera.

Repeat the process of filimg with Gooigi again and light the torch. Once the torch has been lit, take it to the toy set with the giant box.

Set the torch on fire the teleport back to the main area.

Burn the web

While holding the flaming torch, use the tv to teleport to the set with the box and the webs.

Paranormal Productions Gem #4

Have Gooigi squeeze into the bottle to the left of the box to get this gem.

Use Gooigi to enter the bottle on the left and collect the green gem.

Have Luigi as the cameraman and Gooigi as the star on set. Use the suction shot to open the cardboard box.

Vacuum the torch and carry it over to burn the web. Finally, you have the director's megaphone.

Cut! Stop the camera and vacuum the megaphone. Use the TV to teleport back to the director with it in hand.

Paranormal Productions #3

Bring the torch from the fire set to the main set area. Have Gooigi lift Luigi up to the rafters to get the ice block his flashlight is shining on. Vacuum it up and return to the torch on the ground. Melt the ice by holding it over the torch, revealing the gem.

In the main room with the director in it, have Luigi/Gooigi climb onto the lift that's in the back left corner. Then have whoever isn't on the lift use the poltergust to lift it so that it moves up. Walk across the rafters slowly, so you don't fall, and vacuum the ice block. Dropdown with it. You can just hold the iceblock and fall off the rafters. But you can also walk back to the lift if you prefer.

Return to the set with the spider in it to get the flaming torch back. While holding the torch, travel through the TV to return to the main area. Use the torch to melt the ice and free the gem.

Help the Director Shoot His Film

Talk to the director to trigger the next scene.

Godzilla (style) Boss

Go head to head with Godzilla (sort of)! Here’s how to beat this Kaiju boss.

Dodge his small fireballs by moving around regularly.

Blow back the blue orbs into the Kaiju ghost.

Watch for when he “gears up” to attack (eyes glow blue). This is when he launches a huge, blue orb of energy towards you. Blow it back using ZL.

The next 2 times he does this his eye will glow green first and it will be a green orb that's too strong for Luigi to handle it by himself. Make sure Gooigi is next to him, blowing back as well. When it comes down to the final blow be ready to quickly tap A to push the orb into the monster (an on-screen prompt will tell you when to do this).

Kame-blowy-ha? Use Gooigi and Luigi to blow the green orb back and defeat the Kaiju ghost. Tap A when prompted.

Once you destroy this costume you’ll realize it’s just your run of the mill ghost underneath. Capture it the way you would do any other. Stun it with the Storbulb and then vacuum/slam it into oblivion.

You get an achievement called "Captured the Director Ghost" if you go into the editing room and capture the director even though he never did anything to you.

Install the Button in the Elevator

Not impressed.

You elevator button plans are foiled by a ghost cat known as Polterkitty.

Follow Polterkitty and Get the Button

Follow Polterkitty and bring down its health to get the button. You’ll have to capture/attack it 3 times and after each attack, it will change locations. Scroll down for all the locations.

How to Capture the Polterkitty

Actually capturing/attacking this ghost cat is tricky! Here’s how to take on Polterkitty and emerge victoriously.

Wait with your back towards Polterkitty.

It will slowly creep towards you (so to save time don’t stand TOO far away).

Once it covers its eyes, turn and charge up your Strobulb (hold down A).

When it uncovers its eyes, flash it with the Stobulb and then vacuum it up like any other ghost.

The moment to flash it is right when it's about to attack, and not a second earlier.

It’s all about patience! If you turn before the cat has covered its eyes, the Polterkitty will run away.

Polterkitty 8F and 7F Locations

Below are the Polterkitty Locations with an extra explanation for how to catch it in the Ivy Bathroom.

  • 8F – Paranormal Productions: Fire Set: Go to the fire set and defeat the ghosts. When Polterkitty hides under the bench, flash it with the strobulb. Once defeated. follow it into the main room of the sets and use Gooigi to lift Luigi up to the rafters. Use the strobulb on it when it runs past.
  • Flash the polterkitty with the strobulb when it hides under the bench to engage.

  • 7F – Garden Suites: Blooming Suite: Run up the stairs to the bedroom with the strobe flowers inside. Vaccum off the ivy on the armoire and unleash the polterkitty. It will hide in the strobe flowers. Flash the flowers with the strobulb until it appears, and flash it again before it hides in another flower. Once it has been defeated, follow it to the bathroom and vacuum up the petals so it will go to the next spot.
  • Suck up the ivy on the Armoire in this room and interact with it to release the Polterkitty into the strobe flowers. Flash the flowers until it jumps out, and flash it again to engage.

  • 7F – Garden Suites: Ivy Bathroom (large watermelon room): See below.

Polterkitty Garden Suites: Ivy Bathroom Puzzle

Shine the dark light on this broken pipe with Gooigi, and blow on the bath faucet with Luigi to scare the Polterkitty out of the tub.

Have both Luigi and Gooigi suction shot the big watermelon to move it out of the way. Use the Dark Light to reveal the drain on the ground. Have Gooigi go down below and use his Dark Light on the pipe (located on the right). Now have Luigi use the poltergust to turn the bathtub faucet on. Once the water fills the cat will become agitated and you'll be able to get the elevator button it with the same wait, flash, vacuum approach.

Install the Button in the Elevator

Awe yeah!

Now that polterkitty has been taken care of you can actually install the elevator button. Finally, head to the next area: unnatural history museum.

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