Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Lost Odyssey Teams With GameStop For D&D Charity Stream

There’s a lot of need for charity right now, and many big names in the gaming world are stepping up. Esports pros and streamers have taken to holding exhibition contests and streaming them for different causes. Now the Dungeons & Dragons community is stepping up in a similar way by partnering with GameStop for a series of charity streams.

The event is called Lost Odyssey: Champions, and it’s actually been streaming on GameStop’s Twitch channel since April 2. It will continue until tomorrow, acting sort of like old school telethons. There will be several different sessions played by a variety of beloved D&D streamers – all playing from home, of course.

Several DMs will take the reins, including B. Dave Walters, Adam Koebel, and Johnny Chiodini. Players are big names like from Deborah Ann Woll, Joe Manganiello, Chris Perkins, Jeremy Crawford, and some members of the Gygax family.

The proceeds will all go to Treehouse, a program aimed at giving continuing support to foster kids. They believe that now is more important than ever to help these children, as many foster families may be facing economic hardship. As such, viewers will be able to donate to Treehouse to help foster kids get necessary items like clothing and hygiene products, as well as technology they might need to continue schooling from home.

Lost Odyssey has been in the business of charity D&D for some time, so we’re sure to see some compelling stories told by superstar adventurers.

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