Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Lachlan Partners With Epic To Host $20,000 Fortnite Fashion Show

It’s all about fashion once again in Fortnite, as Lachlan has announced a partnership with Epic Games and a prize pool of $20,000 for a fashion show. This type of event first began during content droughts in the game, but has become such a big hit that it now occurs regularly.

The rules remain the same as before and the event tasks players with mixing and matching their favorite skins, back bling, and pickaxes to make the best-looking combinations. Entrants are required to be a trio this time around, and coordination among all three entrants will be key to impressing the judges. Solo entrants will not be permitted.

Once a team has picked out their outfits, they must also consider how best to show off their looks. There are three performance rounds and a single fashion round, which means that each group needs to plan and use their emotes in a creative way to get noticed, as looking good is only half the battle.

Those in first place are set to take home $9,000 total. Apart from the cash, players will also have a chance to win one of five hundred Slurp Legends cosmetic packs. The event is a great way to explore new cosmetic looks.

To get an idea of the sort of competition players will likely face, check out the video below, which features the winning routine from duos partners Ali-A and SypherPK. A quick watch reveals that players need quite a bit of practice and coordination to impress Lachlan in order to move forward. Showing up with only basic emotes will surely be a one-way ticket to the loser’s box.

Now is a fantastic time for Lachlan to launch his next fashion show in Fortnite since many players are finding themselves with an abundance of time at home due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Taking some time to get creative is a great way to avoid burning out on the actual battle royale itself, which might be feeling bit stale to some players lately.

Players interested in joining as a trio can apply here.

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