Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023

Kingdom Hearts Modder Creates A Moveset Inspired By Sonic The Hedgehog

A Kingdom Hearts modder has added a moveset that's inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, specifically some of the moves that he uses in Sonic Frontiers.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've covered a ton of different mods for Sonic Frontiers, including some that swap out Sonic's model for older versions of himself, one that makes him shut up instead of constantly making references all the time, and even one that adds momentum to change how Cyberspace levels play. The Sonic Frontiers modding hype is so real that it's even inspiring other games.

In this case, the game in question is one you probably wouldn't think to relate to Sonic the Hedgehog – Kingdom Hearts. The mod, titled "Legacy of Super Sonic" comes from NexusMods user TruebladeModder, whose work we've covered on the site several times now and who is clearly pretty talented at messing with Kingdom Hearts 3's code.

The mod, which TruebladeModder showcased in a series of videos, gives Sora several new moves that are inspired by Sonic's moveset in Sonic Frontiers. Some of the moves that can easily be spotted in the video include Sonic's new long-range Sonic Boom attack, an attack that's clearly meant to be a homing spin dash, a barrage of hits that seem to be mimicking the Phantom attack, and one where Sora appears everywhere at once.

This version of the mod is actually an updated one that adds in moves inspired by Super Sonic as well as the host of regular Sonic ones. The main Super Sonic move makes Sora cross his arms (like Sonic does when first fighting Giganto) and then unleash a flurry of attacks all at once.

On the mod, TruebladeModder said, "Now that I have finished Sonic Frontiers, I enjoy it a ton and got a lot idea on moves involve Super Sonic (still can't believe how hard they went honestly). I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. though there are quite a number of problems. tracking, some hitbox is a bit wonky, and projectile has really weird effect pop-in (Ha)."

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