Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Journey to the Savage Planet’s Hot Garbage DLC Is Wacky

The 2020 Typhoon Studios adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet is getting a DLC called Hot Garbage very soon, letting players explore a new area and fight new foes. The expansion is coming to Xbox and PC on April 15th, while the PS4 release date is still unknown (but is expected to follow shortly).

Following the story of the main game, which tasked the player with exploring the colorful planet ARY-26, cataloguing its rich flora and fauna, collecting resources and fighting local lifeforms – if necessary – the DLC will now have you do the same at a new waterfront resort called DL-C1 (get it?). There’s a twist though: the resort belongs to your employer, Kindred Aerospace, voted 4th Best Interstellar Exploration Company, but it is currently used by their competitor, Vyper Corp., voted 2nd Best Interstellar Exploration Company, as a toxic waste dump.

The DLC also introduces a fun new voice: Kronus, Vyper Corp. property, who will be trash-talking you throughout the game – and not in the backhanded way reminiscent of Portal’s GLaDOS. Additionally, you’ll be able to unlock new gear, including a jetpack, toxic deshocker, and underwater boots.

The expansion will cost you $7.99, probably a fair price for fun, quirky gameplay and funny, if sometimes insulting, characters, not to mention the ads for 32-pack abs, a two-headed space lawyer, and the Monstacrib Extreme. The future is today (at least in Journey to the Savage Planet).

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