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Is Esport a Real Sport?

Can people competitively playing video games be seen in the same light as professional athletes? The debate has been raging ever since esports latched on to the mainstream culture. Some people see esports on the same level as real sports. They see players in the same vein as athletes. However, others are very dismissive and do not see a viable comparison between esports and real sports. In this article, we will look at the main arguments to try and figure out whether esport could ever be seen as a real sport.


Firstly, it is important to consider the similarities between real sports and esports. They both involve a competitive element, and they both require a high skill level. Moreover, both can also be bet on in real-time. It is true that video games betting has become much more popular in real years. This is because esports betting is rivalling real sports betting, and fans are looking to get in on the action. The fact that esports betting is so popular provides an argument that it should be considered a real sport. Another similarity that can be considered is physical exertion. Although, video games players don’t do strenuous activity, their heart rates still spike during esports events. This shows that there is a significant physical component to the game just as there is in real sports. Both Esports and real sports provide a competitive environment in which audiences are entertained. When looking at it from this perspective, they are fairly similar.

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However, there are also many crucial differences between real sports and esports. The main argument against the consideration is the physical demands. Elite athletes will usually need to be very physical adept. Their bodies are tested to the limit, and they have to train for years to get up to the standard required. The same cannot be said for esports. Anyone can play esports regardless of their fitness levels. Their bodies are not tested, but their reflexes are put to the test. Esports is also played on a screen rather than facing off in real-life. There is a key generational gap between these opposing sides, and ultimately it comes down to your individual point of view. There are many sports, such as darts, which also require minimal physical activity. But, it is obvious that being good at video games takes a lot of skill and practice. The relevance of these differences depends on your own point of view and how you classify sports. There doesn’t appear to be an objective way that sports can be called ‘real sports.’ This leaves an avenue open for esports to be officially recognized across the globe.

Significance of Recognition

The debate around esports is more important than simple semantics and definitions. If esports are classified as ‘real sports,’ then they get financial advantages such as tax breaks. Additionally, they would get more legal protections that are provided to athletes. The esports community continues to carry its case in many countries for full recognition. They are passionate about this classification since it would bring much more legitimacy to esports.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, there is no clear answer to whether esport is a real sport. However, it is clear that it will continue to rise in global popularity. It already has millions of viewers, and it will soon be able to consistently match some of the numbers of the world’s biggest sports games. One of the best ways to enjoy the biggest esports events is by betting on them. You can check out the best esports bookmakers on  Even if it isn’t regarded as a ‘real’ sport, it will soon have to be taken much more seriously by the doubters. The popularity is simply too high to ignore. We expect the debate to carry raging on for many years to come.

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