Thursday, 21 Oct 2021

Is Demon’s Souls Remake coming to Xbox or PC?

It's finally happened – after years of rumours, speculation and a good number of leaks, Sony has finally revealed that a Demon's Souls remake is indeed in the works.

The game – which is being built from the ground up by Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games – will be a faithful recreation of the original, complete with new graphics, overhauled controls and improved and expanded content.

The title, which originally launched back on PS3, is a cult hit that spawned the Dark Souls games and the hardcore action-RPG in general.

There are a lot of people hyped for this remake – and for good reason: it's had a massive impact on gaming as we know it today.

But will it be a PlayStation exclusive, or will it arrive on Xbox and PC, too?

Is Demon's Souls Remake coming to Xbox Series X or PC?

Demon's Souls Remake has been announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

That means that developers Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games will be getting the game up and running on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 alone – at least in the short term.

Sony has already outlined its desire to make sure there are games that show off what the PS5 can do when it launches later this year, and Demon's Souls will be a key title in achieving that goal.

But longer term, we could at least see the game arrive on a Windows platform – albeit not the Xbox.

Hermen Hulst, who runs PlayStation Worldwide Studios, took to the PlayStation blog in March to announce Horizon Zero Dawn would be arriving on PC in Summer 2020.

We've also seen Death Stranding make the jump to PC, too.

Both these games are first-party projects from Sony that the teams have ported to PC, and this shows the company is eager to make better use of the PC platform in the future.

Therefore, it's not unreasonable to expect Demon's Souls to launch on PC in a few years (Sony will certainly want to keep it PS5-exclusive at least for a while).

Just don't expect the game to come out on Xbox One or Xbox Series X – to date, no Sony exclusives have launched on their rival platform, and we don't see any reason that'll change in the short term.

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