Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

How To Download VALORANT Before The Closed Beta

Efforts to get a beta key for VALORANT are well underway as Twitch drops are now in their second day of random admission for viewers. While more people will continually gain access to the closed beta, now is a great time to download the client in advance to jump right into the action once a key is distributed. Otherwise a lucky player will need to slog through the download and installation when they could be playing the game.

Doing so is a snap, and all one needs to do is go to the official VALORANT website, sign in to their Riot Games account and look for “Am I in the beta?”. This will bring up the option to “Download and Play,” which should be the third and final available choice. This will initiate the download, and lead right up to the login screen, where of course access will be restricted until a beta key is awarded.

Of course, if during this process one realizes they don’t have a Riot account, they’ve missed a crucial step in being able to acquire a key. The three steps are simple:

  • Register for a Riot account
  • Link your Riot account to a Twitch account
  • Watch specific VALORANT streams highlighted on Twitch

All three steps need to be done, otherwise someone will be watching a stream normally with no chance of getting a beta key.

Now is a great time to download the client in anticipation of getting a key, especially because Riot Games has temporarily paused all Twitch drops for the beta following server problems on the first day. The announcement was made at what appears to be the same time on all streams on April 7.

Due to the unforeseen server problems, or maybe it was a planned stress test, players found themselves unable to play in the beta thanks to error codes and complete game crashes. This did not last all day, but rather seemed to become more problematic as the day went on and more players were given access. It was around the twelve-hour mark that the most serious issues began to prop up, and shortly after Riot suspended Twitch drops for the day.

Now that we are on day two, drops have not yet been restarted, but we hope Riot will get their servers in order to continue letting players into the beta for VALORANT!

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