Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

Half-Life: Alyx Off-Screen Gameplay Footage Shows How VR Gunfights Work

Half-Life: Alyx, which was surprise announced back in November, is coming in March 2020. We’ve dug up plenty of details about the game so far, but one thing we haven’t seen much of is actual gameplay footage. Now, thanks to Adam Savage’s Tested, we’ve got a much better sense of what playing the game will look like.

In the video below, recorded at Valve’s offices, we see how Half-Life: Alyx plays across eight different VR kits, including the Valve Index. Beyond showing off the various benefits and downsides of these kits, though, this video also gives us a few looks at how the game actually looks when a regular person is playing it.

In this video, we see how warp movement works in the game, and an few glimpses at how the guns work. We can see the player steadying the gun in their right hand using their left hand a few times, and interacting with elements of the environment. Thus far, all we’ve had to go on is the game’s trailer.

The off-screen gameplay footage is spread out over the video, but we get some interesting looks at a variety of actions, like gripping a doorway with both hands to pull it open and navigating UI elements with your hands. The video will also give you some insight into how the game will handle on your VR set of choice.

Half-Life: Alyx is being developed by much of the team that was originally working on In the Valley of Gods. It will only be playable in VR.

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