Monday, 26 Feb 2024

GTA Plus Subscribers Get Online’s New 50-Car Garage For Free

GTA Online's latest update is live and it spells good news for Plus subscribers with a lot of cars. The new update has added a 50-car garage to the game. Surely more room than any GTA player will ever need, and if you have a GTA Plus subscription, you get the massive new building free of charge.

“Eating, sleeping, and washing? Oh please. Time to up your grindset. Forget about luxury apartments. All you need for a productive lifestyle is a 5-floor private garage with enough storage for up to fifty vehicles,” Rockstar's reveal reads (thanks, GTA Base). It's a good point as the threat of players stealing your vehicles is real, but you don't need sleep or even rest to survive.

The garage is five stories high with each level capable of holding up to ten cars. Each floor has a similar layout to a ten-car garage and can be customized in a number of ways. There are three layouts to choose from, and the color of the lights on each floor can be altered with 12 different options to choose from. There's also a spot out the back to watch TV and eat snacks.

If you don't have a GTA Plus subscription, you can still add the massive new garage to your Los Santos portfolio. It's going to cost you, though. The 50-car garage can be bought through Dynasty 8 Real Estate for $2.74 million. A lot cheaper than the $6 million super yachts you can buy in-game, and the garage is actually pretty useful, unlikely the big, pricey boats.

The garage is a glimmer of good news during what has been a pretty problematic period for GTA Online. The PC version of the massively popular game has been plagued by an exploit that allows players to take control of other people's accounts, resulting in the players who had their accounts hacked being banned in some cases. The problem was seemingly fixed, but those abusing the exploit may have already found a workaround.

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