Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

GTA Online Players Are Still Exploiting Sex Worker Glitch To Duplicate Rare Cars

Did you miss your chance to get that limited edition DeLorean or whatever in GTA Online?

No worries, so long as a friend scored one you can just dupe it and they can trade it to you. All you have to do is immolate an innocent sex worker

This duplication glitch is actually a recently discovered workaround of a patch. That fix was an attempt by Rockstar to patch out a similar glitch that players discovered earlier this year. In the earlier glitch, players could duplicate a rare car by picking up and then trapping one of the sex workers that roam San Andreas at night. A vehicle called the Mobile Operations Center was used as an integral part of the exploit as well. Once the virtual kidnapping was achieved, players could then grab the car they intended to dupe from their garage and drive to the scene where the sex worker was entrapped. Players could then shoot the sex worker and stash their car in the Mobile Operations Center. For some reason, this would cause a second car to appear in their garage.

Once Rockstar attempted to patch out the exploit, the community was determined to find a workaround. As luck would have it, that didn’t take long.

The new method for causing the glitch is similar to the old one. However, this time around, it involves trapping a sex worker in a car before setting fire to it. It’s a great deal more macabre to be sure, but whatever gets the job done, right? There’s also a bit more variance in the method for this workaround, to the point that the GTA Online community hasn’t agreed on the most efficient way to exploit this glitch.


Ah yes, a Grand Theft Auto sex worker story. Considering it’s been nineteen years since the infamous Grand Theft Auto III, one would think the series might be able to avoid making cringe-worthy headlines about this particular topic. But time is a flat circle, as it turns out, and just as Rockstar will never stop pumping these things out, gamers won’t ever stop trying to find new and horrific ways to further marginalize sex workers in a virtual space – especially if they get a free car out of it.

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