Thursday, 16 Jul 2020

GTA 5 is free to download and keep on Epic Games Store today

The rumours are true: GTA 5 on PC is free today, and if you download it before the end of next week you’ll be able to keep it for good.

In the grand tradition of companies leaking their own secrets, Epic Games has revealed that Epic Games is going to offer GTA 5 for free later today.

They accidentally put up a tweet early revealing the details, and although they quickly took it down again fans on Reddit had already taken a screenshot.

The tweet doesn’t say exactly when the offer will go live today but there’s a countdown timer for a ‘mystery game’ on the store that ends at 4pm BST, so it’s obviously that.

You have to take advantage of the offer before Thursday, 21 March but other than that there are no other caveats, so once you download the game it’s yours forever.

For a short time GTA 5 was also ‘free’ on Xbox Games Pass, before being replaced by the more recent Red Dead Redemption 2.

The reason for that seems to be this Epic Games Store deal. Although the fact that it’s equally short may mean some other company, or maybe Rockstar themselves, will get to discount the game next.

Epic’s free version will be the Premium Edition of GTA 5, which includes a lot of additional GTA Online content.

GTA Online is the reason the game remains so popular, and why Rockstar still hasn’t so much as hinted about GTA 6 yet. Indeed, it’s actually a little surprising that they haven’t tried to make that part of the game free-to-play.

But the fact that GTA 5 has barely ever left the top 10 sales chart in the seven years since it was first released explains that particular decision.

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