Tuesday, 28 Sep 2021

Get a lifetime of amazing stock images and videos for $100

Despite a lack of traditional presentation means due to COVID-19, presentations (and the elements that make them compelling) aren’t going anywhere. From student projects to high-powered business proposals, you’ll need gripping visual aids if you want to convince your audience of anything. Finally there’s a simple solution for finding the world’s best imagery all in one place.

With JumpStory Authentic Stock Photography, take your presentation game to the next level. JumpStory has over 25 million unique images, illustrations, vector icons, and even videos to make your next project as beautiful as you envisioned. These elements are organized into categories to make your search easier and are all fully customizable within the Image Editor, allowing you to make the most of whichever images you choose. JumpStory also includes state-of-the-art AI features such as easy background removal and Highjumper, a tool which predicts the impacts of certain images on your customer base. JumpStory images are perfect for presentations, blogs, online stores, social media pages, and so much more. If you need an image, JumpStory has you covered.

Compared to other stock image alternatives like Adobe Stock, JumpStory provides unlimited access to millions of visuals with no hidden per photo costs or complex licensing terms. JumpStory is accessible through desktop and mobile browsers, and if you act now, you’ll receive lifetime access to this vast library, ensuring that you can continue building your brand long after the coronavirus quarantine has ended. This deal is currently hundreds of dollars off of list price at just $99.99, so what are you waiting for? Reel in your audience with top-notch images from JumpStory.

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