Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Geoff Keighley’s ‘Game Festival’ Returns To Steam Tomorrow With GDC Demos

Last December during The Game Awards, industry pundit Geoff Keighley launched an initiative called “The Game Festival” to let people at home try out new demos for upcoming games. With GDC 2020 originally meant to run this week, Keighley is resurrecting that idea to let people try out demos that would have been on the show floor.

Likely in the works before the horrible outbreak of COVID-19, this second stab at the digital event will see 40+ different demos on offer for gamers. The event will also run a few days longer than before, debuting on Steam March 18, at 10 am PDT and running until March 23, 10 am PDT.

Keighley hasn’t revealed which games will be on offer, though it seems likely that a couple of 2020’s heaviest hitters will be featured. It just so happens that Capcom is releasing a demo for Resident Evil 3 soon, so that will probably be the main event. I’d also wager that Nightdive Studios’ System Shock remake may get a second chance to shine.

If you think these digital events sound like a great idea, then fear not! Keighley has promised that more events of this type will happen in the future to promote upcoming games. He is even looking at bringing it to other platforms. It would stand to reason that something for E3, Tokyo Game Show, San Diego Comic-Con, and even New York Comic-Con will happen. Even if the coronavirus threat subsides by that time, not everyone can make it out to a convention to try out games.

Keighley’s last digital event went off pretty well. People were happy that they had the chance to play things from the comfort of their homes. It was also a good way to test if your current hardware was up to the task of running new titles. At events, it can be hard to gauge since most conventions are sponsored by hardware manufacturers, ensuring the latest and greatest parts.

Many were saddened by the cancelation of so many important industry events this year, but something like this could be a great way to get smaller titles out in the public consciousness. Let’s hope that everything goes off without a hitch.

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