Monday, 19 Apr 2021

Genshin Impact’s Hu Tao Finally Gets Her Banner This Week

Fans have long speculated over if and win Hu Tao would ever show up in Genshin impact, but it looks like it’s finally happening. Mihoyo has announced it will bring the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor to its gacha hit this week on March 2.

According to Mihoyo, Hu Tao takes her operations of the funeral parlor seriously, even if she does come across as the type that’s all work and no play. She’s quite young, and Mihoyo acknowledges as much, but she’s taken over the business and running it to serve the people of Liyue.

Genshin Impact’s latest five-star character is yet another fire user, with voice acting from Brianna Knickerbocker (Re: Zero, Fire Emblem Heroes) for her English lines, and Rie Takahashi (Re: Zero, KonoSuba) for her Japanese lines. Hu Tao is also yet another Pyro user and will use polearms in combat. You can check out her teaser trailer below.

Her kit involves moves like Guide to Afterlife, which takes some of Hu Tao’s own HP and uses the energy to knock enemies back before entering the Paramita Palilio State. Said form will increase Hu Tao’s ATK stat based on her maximum HP and unleash Pyro damage. This form from Hu Tao will also add new abilities to her kit, like changes to her charged attack.

You can check out all of Hu Tao’s new talents and abilities through Mihoyo’s official blog, detailing those exact stat perks for her. And if all of this sounds appealing, you should go ahead and begin collecting Agate pieces, Juvenile Jade, Silk Flowers, and Whopperflower Nectar to ascend Hu Tao. Genshin Impact fan sites like Honey Impact already have those exact numbers and materials ready, should you want to start planning now.

Hu Tao will also get her own story quest, like most new characters. To begin, you’ll need to be Adventure Rank 26 and have a story key to unlock Papilio Charontis Chapter. You can obtain story keys through completing Daily Commissions, and you’ll nab one key per every eight commissions.

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