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Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Beidou

Beidou seems to lack the love from fans that many other electro characters like Razor and Fischl get. In the Genshin Impact fanbase tier lists, there is also a lot of discord on whether Beidou is considered to be a top tier character or one of the least powerful in the game. Beidou is a claymore user, making her a rival to Razor, who many gamers seem to prefer. This is likely due to the fact that Beidou isn’t as straightforward to play as the other characters in her class.

For players who are in love with her design, though, and choose her as their free Liyue four-star, fear not as she can be used as your main DPS with a bit of research.

Riding The Story

Believe it or not, Beidou actually has more in common with Xiao than Diluc. Beidou isn’t the type of character that you just send into battle normally; her moves require advanced planning and a mastery of bringing out their full attack power. To begin to understand how to play at Beidou, players must first learn about her constellations.

  • C1 – Using Stormbreaker will not create an electro shield that absorbs 16% of Beidou’s health and absorbs up to 250% electro damage.
  • C2 – Lighting created from Stormbreaker now jumps to an additional to enemies.
  • C3 – Tidecaller can be increased up to level 15.
  • C4 – When Beidou takes damage, she will gain an additional 20% electro damage within ten seconds.
  • C5 – Stormbreaker can be increased up to level 15.
  • C6 – When using Stormbreaker, enemy electro resistance is reduced by 15%.

Next, players need to make a note of Beidou’s two passive skills:

  • Retribution – Countering with Tidecaller hits the enemy with the attack’s maximum amount of damage.
  • Lighting Storm – When Tidecaller is used at maximum damage attack speed of bother Beidous normal and charged attack increases by 15%.

As players may now have noticed, Beidou’s playstyle is set-up quite differently from other players. Like Xiao’s burst, Beidou’s ultimate attack power can only be achieved when she starts to lose health. The only distance is the player will need to trigger this health drain themselves. To gain attack buff for Beidou, try setting the surrounding field on fire to deal small amounts of pyro damage to the character.

Players will also want to practice counter attacks with weaker enemies like hilichurls. It takes a bit of practice to learn how to perfectly time counters, especially since no other character uses a similar skill. Her elemental burst, Stormbreaker, also helps to deal constant electro damage to enemies, keep Beidou’s attack from being broken up, and will decrease the amount of damage she takes while it’s active.

Controlling The Field

Beidou demands that the player control the field. Beidou won’t flourish unless she is taking damage, which is why many players believe she is weak. The field will need to be set up in a way that Beidou only takes the damage that players want or that has been calculated into the battle. Beidou does best against close-range opponents that she can counterattack, and like most close-range fighters, she won’t be effective against ranged enemies.

Players will also do well to pair Beidou with either Qiqi or Barbara for healing. Since Beidou is going to be losing health during the fight, these characters will be needed to keep her topped off. In addition, players should keep in mind that electro can react with pyro, cryo, and hydro to deal extra damage to opponents.

Mona can be a great choice for field control, as can Ganyu. Both of these five-star send out attacks that lure enemies. Mona has a talisman that constantly inflicts hydro damage, while Ganyu has a burst that rains down icicles onto the field for constant cryo damage. Just make sure to choose the right weapon and gear for Beidou.

Beidou Team Build

Beidou can be a DPS character, but players will need to put some thought in building a team around her to ensure she can deal massive amounts of damage.

  • Diluc – Can set the field on fire with elemental skill.
  • Xiangling – Can set the area on fire and surrounds the player with spinning pyro spears during her burst.
  • Bennett – Can provide a pyro shield and set fields on fire.
  • Xinyan – Another pyro shield provider.
  • Klee – Klee can easily set a wide area on fire with her normal attacks.
  • Mona – Can control the field and send out a talisman to pulse constant hydro damage.
  • Barbara – A free character that can quickly provide healing to Beidou.
  • Qiqi – Can provide both healing and cryo deal pyro damage to opponents.
  • Ganyu– Can both send out a lotus to attract enemies and summon a large AoE field with her burst.

Her burst can also be used with all close-range hydro, cryo, and pyro characters to deal reaction damage. In addition, she can help with exploration as she will decrease the amount of stamina spent when swimming by 20%.

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