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Game Like Dr DisRespect With The Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo Keyboard & Kain 200 Aimo Wireless Mouse

The Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo Keyboard and Kain 200 Aimo Wireless Mouse claim to offer players a unique experience that blends innovative design with a stunning aesthetic. As today’s market for keyboards and gaming accessories is quite saturated, it is nice to see such a bold claim backed up, and there is no doubt as to why Dr DisRespect plays with this combination of keyboard and mouse series.

Stunning Design Captures Our Attention

Taking the Vulcan 120 Aimo out of the box gives off an immediate sense of sturdiness and heft, all of which is located in the top of the keyboard, consisting of an aluminum-coated chassis. The keycaps stand out at once because they are elevated, which at first glance looks odd, right until the RGB lighting comes on. Then it becomes clear that the elevation of keycaps allows for lighting to radiate off each switch, and it is one of the best-looking keyboards to date.

The keyboard itself is a standard full size, and above the number pad there are three media buttons relating to FX and Volume, along with a handy dial for controlling whatever media happens to be used. Although completely unnecessary, the volume dial is a welcome addition that was nice to have.

Included in the box is a wrist rest that connects magnetically, and while it looks nice, it is quite low and not particularly useful if typing with proper posture.

Proprietary Titan Key Switches Provide An Edge In Online Gaming

Roccat designed and builds its own Titan Switches in house with a goal of providing competitive gamers with an edge over other keyboards. This is accomplished in several ways, such as optimizing the switch by providing an Actuation Distance of 1.8mm tactile and 1.4mm linear, with a Total Travel Distance of 3.6mm. Debounce mechanics also confront the issue of contact bouncing by bringing the physical bounce of the switch to a minimum. According to Roccat, this means that Titan switches work 20% faster than most competing keyboard, and 30% faster than linear switches.

This means that in the heat of the moment keystrokes from the Vulcan will register before an opponent’s keystrokes on most other hardware. That’s what makes it no surprise that Dr DisRespect uses the Vulcan keyboard exclusively.

Roccat Swarm Software

In order to maximize the benefit of the Vulcan keyboard, users need to use the Roccat Swarm software, which installs easily and features exactly what one sees in other RGB or mechanical keyboard apps. There are a variety of settings for lighting, all keys can be remapped, and strangest of all, one can opt for virtual key sounds if they want to hear something different while typing. This last point is a neat addition, but unnecessary and quickly forgotten.

A Calming Sound And Feel

When selecting a keyboard, sound and feel can be among the most important qualities that consumers consider as most important to their buying decision. With Roccat’s custom switches, the easiest comparison is to Cherry MX Brown keys. The sound is relatively quiet compared to other mechanical keyboards with similar switches, and one of the most relaxing to use for a day of typing or playing games.

That last part is by far the most difficult to quantify objectively and is largely the result of this reviewer’s personal preference. Using the Vulcan for about a week, writing daily several articles, and playing different games in between, the statement stands. With the combination of relaxing sounds and the jaw-dropping aesthetic of the RGB lighting, this has become the new permanent keyboard for daily work and play.

Apart from the keyboard, we are also reviewing a wireless mouse, which is equally as impressive.

The Roccat Kain 200 Aimo Wireless Mouse

Whereas the Vulcan keyboard is shockingly beautiful in its design and RGB lighting, the Kain mouse is surprising in its comfort, sturdy build quality, and overall responsiveness. At first glance, the lack of a grip pad on the sides is concerning, but the coating provides more than enough grip for heavy use.

The specifications are quite impressive for a gaming mouse, and it is again no surprise to see as the preferred gaming peripheral of Dr DisRespect. The most relevant features are as follows:

  • Roccat Owl-Eye 16K sensor
  • 1,000mAh battery
  • 1,000Hz polling rate
  • 40G acceleration
  • 512kB onboard memory
  • Omron switches
  • Lightweight at 105g

Limited Lighting Keeps Everything Classy

The lighting options are not nearly as vibrant as the Vulcan keyboard, but this is most definitely by design. Customization in lighting is only evident near the mouse wheel and the bottom of the mouse to illuminate the Roccat logo, but in this case, less is more. The lighting that does come through still looks great and is a complement to the simple, elegant design of the Kain mouse.

Programmable DPI Frees Up An Extra Button

Since the keyboard and mouse run on the same Swarm program, everything is taken care of in one place. A useful feature is the ability to set the DPI of the mouse to a single ideal level, and then having the ability to reassign the button on the mouse to something else. Some users may instead find it useful to calibrate their DPI button to a range of custom ranges, but ultimately the point is that there is great flexibility here in how one chooses to use the mouse.

A Long Lasting Battery And Fluid Connection

Included in the packaging for the Kain is a cable for charging the mouse, which boasts up to 50 hours of continuous use. Along with the keyboard, we used the mouse for about a week and found it to be working perfectly after an estimated thirty hours of use. The package contains a 1.8m detachable micro USB cable, along with a USB adapter for charging. The mouse connects to a Nano Wireless Dongle 2.4 GHz.

The Micro-USB Port As A Potential Long-Term Concern

The only concern we have with the Kain mouse lies in the positioning of the micro-USB port, located at the front of the mouse near the underside. The only time that the Kain mouse will be plugged in should be for charging when the battery has been spent. The other 99% of the time the mouse will be unplugged, and the port will be open and sliding around on a mousepad. Over time, the real question is whether external dust or other foreign objects will be problematic. The lack of a cover for this port is the only complaint we have with the design, and truly, it is mostly minor and can be pre-emptively dealt with by using compressed air every few months, just to be on the safe side.

The Perfect Pair For Any Gamer

After using both the Vulcan keyboard and Kain mouse for roughly a week, there really is no doubt as to why they are used by Dr DisRespect in his daily streams of competitive gaming. The style of these two peripherals is worth a look on its own, whereas the performance and responsiveness give players an edge over the competition and are well worth picking up. Readers can click here to check out the official website for the Vulcan keyboard, and here for the Kain mouse, which has links to online retailers for different regions.

The Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo Keyboard and Kain 200 Aimo Wireless Mouse were both provided to TheGamer for this review and are available now for purchase online.

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