Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

Future Reportedly Not Looking Good For WWE 2K21 As Multiple Developers Quit

Anyone who is a fan of WWE games and purchased this year’s WWE 2K20 installment knows very well that the game has had a disastrous launch. Plagued with numerous gameplay bugs, performance, issues, visual glitches, and loads more. The game was so bad that Sony offered refunds to those who bought the game for the PS4.

Although patches were released to try and fix the game, the damage has already been done. In fact, the damage WWE 2K20 suffered was so bad that reportedly, multiple developers have quit because they did not wish to be associated with the game.

The report comes from industry insider Justin Leeper, who previously worked on the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw series. Leeper posted a video on YouTube in which he talked about how developers in “double digits” from the WWE 2K team at Visual Concepts quit because of WWE 2K20‘s launch. According to Leeper, the developers “[…] haven’t left for other stuff, they just quit because, ‘Man, I don’t want this stink on me anymore.’”

Unfortunately, that is not the only negative effect WWE 2K20 has managed to create. Since the game released as a broken and nearly unplayable mess, it suffered from negative reviews, and as such, caused fewer people to purchase it. As a result of poor sales and poor reviews, the budget for the next game might be severely cut. As Leeper explains, “2K20 is selling poorly […] It means 2K21 is gonna have to be made for less money. Less money to fix things, innovate […] As you can tell, the outlook is not good for 2K21 either.”

If Leeper’s reports are true, then things are looking pretty bad for WWE 2K21. Essentially, it means that next year’s game will have far less content, less features, and other gameplay cuts, which in return will cause fans to be even more upset or completely skip the game in order to avoid disappointment.

It’s important to remember that no official reports about people quitting and the budget being cut have been made yet, so it may be a good idea to take Leeper’s comments with a grain of salt. However, given Leeper’s status and who he is, may prove to be useful because what has been said could turn out to be true. Still, one can only hope for the best and hope that once WWE 2K21 releases, it will be better and more polished than WWE 2K20.

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